Timing is everything...

Well, not actually in our house. It is more like school or no school. For the last 12 years, since my teenager began Kindergarten, I have had to wake her up EVERY morning, one way or another, flickering the light, nudging, whispering, talking, yelling, hollering, pulling off the blankets and pretty much everything else. School is now out for the summer, but she still has commitments, cheer practice, and now today, her first day of work. And guess what...she is awake and getting ready for her day...ALL ON HER OWN! Now, as in every year past, that will change the minute school begins again, I know it! I have proof, just by looking back at the last 12 years.
Anyway, hair cuts are on tap for the rest of us, at least the little girls and I, we cannot see anymore through our veil of hair that covers our eyes, so it is time! Tried to go yesterday, but I think that it must be a rule that all hair salons must be closed on Mondays...
I am hoping to make toast for everyone this morning so that there will be minimal mess to pick up in our rush out the door not to be late for our appointment! That is just a hope so we will see!

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