Timing is everything...

Well, not actually in our house. It is more like school or no school. For the last 12 years, since my teenager began Kindergarten, I have had to wake her up EVERY morning, one way or another, flickering the light, nudging, whispering, talking, yelling, hollering, pulling off the blankets and pretty much everything else. School is now out for the summer, but she still has commitments, cheer practice, and now today, her first day of work. And guess what...she is awake and getting ready for her day...ALL ON HER OWN! Now, as in every year past, that will change the minute school begins again, I know it! I have proof, just by looking back at the last 12 years.
Anyway, hair cuts are on tap for the rest of us, at least the little girls and I, we cannot see anymore through our veil of hair that covers our eyes, so it is time! Tried to go yesterday, but I think that it must be a rule that all hair salons must be closed on Mondays...
I am hoping to make toast for everyone this morning so that there will be minimal mess to pick up in our rush out the door not to be late for our appointment! That is just a hope so we will see!


What to do when your Birthday is coming...

You know, there is always that dread for me, as I get closer to the BIG "40" that, I really am getting older. Younger people or "kids" at a store say "Excuse me, Ma'am", or something that make me feel even older than my 38 years, to be 39 in a few days, and I almost look around for some really elderly woman with a cane. Am I wrong? Does this happen to anyone else out there?
I mean, my body, with all of my health issues makes me feel about 80 somedays, but do I really look so bad that I am a "ma'am"? I do sport a few, well maybe more than a few grey hairs, but I still have enough of my natural dark brown hair to mask most of it...I may walk with a limp, but I do not currently use a cane with the feet, or orthodic "old people" shoes...I do not wear elastic polyester pants with a button up shirt that has overtly ugly flowers and a lace collar. But, "ma'am"...wow!
I was even feeling maternal, and felt the need to make something homey and domestic to eat for the kids, so I made them pancakes, but I refused to put chocolate chips in them because of the mess that they will leave on the table...wait a minute...omg! Maybe I am becoming a "ma'am"...aaargh!
I always wanted to be the "cool" Mom, you know...the ones that in our teenage opinion, is not our own parents, but the ones that our friends have...Sorry, Mom, I do love you, but in my skewwed teenage mind, my friends parents were way cool. But, instead, I find that I am actually a "ma'am"! What to do!


My garden will be pretty, my garden will be pretty...

my garden will be pretty...
Well, I can hope, right? I had to cheat though. After all of my intentions and buying the seeds and the starter containers, and plant food, and taking the time to start seeds not only once but twice, due to the weather, I had to still make a trip to the local greenhouse and buy plants. I am not as put off as I thought that I would have been, there is nothing I can do about the weather. I remember in church that we were praying for moisture, and we are getting it, so I can't complain too loudly.
Today, my Mom is coming down for a site visit for work, and so she is also planning to stop over and visit for a bit this afternoon. The kids are getting excited, so the plan for today...clean house! That is usually the plan when I know people are coming to visit. I am not sure if I will be feeding her along with the rest of the family, so that is still up in the air, at least for now.
The muffins that I made a few days back are all gone so I will have to think of something else. I am probably leaning more towards granola cookies. There do not take very long, and everyone loves them. Plus, we all know I have a "surplus" of a lot of different granola.
Have a happy day all!


Last Day of May...

It is still more like April though if you look at the weather. Hubby did a wonderful thing, and got my garden beds ready for me to plant in, but we shall see, I still have to get the plants in, and keep them warm enough with the water tubes that we have so that they get a better chance of producing something. So, we shall see! If things do survive, they will be late at any rate...oh, well, what can I do?
Everyone seemed to enjoy the muffins that I made yesterday, so much so that there were a few ground-in mini chocolate chips in my fairly-recently shampooed carpet...Yes, I did flip out, just a little, and hubby was really good about cleaning the spots for me!
As for today, we are having left overs. As, I still have to bake some loaves of bed that I had hoped to do myself yesterday but was unable to. My body didn't last much past around 11 a.m. I hope that this new pain management trial works and so I can at least get some relief! We are down to two weeks from today for that, but who is counting?
Yesterday, I returned a call to a women from church asking me to assist in taking a meal to a elderly man who is on crutches and alone, so of course I said yes. So, next Wednesday is my day. She did give me a list of food items that he is allergic too, but luckily I do not have most of what he is allergic too here, nor do I cook with them regularly. So, we should be safe. Have you ever taken food to someone you barely know? I always hope that they like what I take, maybe that is the pride that I feel for what I do, whether it be for family, or friends, or a person in need. Is pride a bad thing in this case? Have a great day all!


Summer vacation...Bring it ON!

Okay, well, not so much, but I have so much to get done and finally a teenager, here in the house for more than to sleep, or so I think, that can help me! I have such high hopes, and a knowledge even still that every spare moment she is not at cheer practice, working or hanging out with friends, she will do her best to be sleeping! But still I have the hope that she will not only actually help me, but want to! ha, ha!
As for today...so happy. My garden will finally be cleaned up so that I can begin planting! Hubby said so! Why so late? The weather! It has been truly yuck, and there has been little that I can do about it. Even the garden that my church plants for it's members just got started this past week, so I am not too late in comparison.
I am even going to make Pumpkin Spice Muffins this morning, and hopefully get more bread in the oven later. Feeling a bit domestic on this Memorial Day actually. I hope that my body holds out! Today for me, I will reflect on my Grandfather, Great-Grandfather and Parents who all served in the military, and have hope and faith that those currently serving will know that I, myself and my family are thinking of them and thanking them for their sacrifices!


To Catch Up Would Be Devine!

Yeah right! Which thing do I need to catch up with FIRST? Laundry, Dishes, Hugs, Kisses, Dusting, Gardening, more hugs, more kisses...
When you get behind in something, is it ever possible to truly catch up? I don't think so, because the extra time you spend catching up means that something else is being neglected...who knows for sure?
As for yesterday, speaking of catching up...I made the infamous breakfast sandwiches, with eggs, cheese and bacon. Yum! My teenager even woke up and was half coherent to come out and eat with me and the little girls. Poor hubby missed out, he had to head off to work before they were finished...so sad. Then, my same teenager went back to be until 2 p.m. What is up with that? I let her do that, that once, as she just finished her year of school on Friday, but no more. I figure if the rest of us are up and around she needs to be too! Plus, she should be starting her job this coming week, so she needs to be "awake, alert and alive" for that, don't you think?
As for today, we will be having breakfast for dinner! I love that, I really do! French toast and scrambled eggs with cheese, is what I am thinking...Breakfast anytime, as long as family is together is perfect! Have a wonderful day all!


Love is...Banana Bread...with Chocolate Chips!

Among other things that is!
It is time to make more banana bread and pumpkin bread! I have finally fed my family the rest of our stash. So, it is time to make some more...which I can hopefully get baked and into the freezer, BEFORE anyone smells what I have been up to, otherwise this exercise will be for not.
Last night, hubby, and the little kids and I went for a drive to see, a formation in the Snake River that is called Caldron Linn. It really does look similar to a witch's caldron too. If you look at the river upstream a bit it is very calm and serene, then you walk precariously over a rock filled path, that if you are not careful the whole time you could trip over, you get closer and closer to the river, then there it is! A roaring spot that is really a small area where the entire river goes through, and down a water fall to the rest of the larger canyon. It sure was a sight to see, but very dangerous. No wonder sign at the start of the grade down to the area reads, "HAZARDOUS AREA!" Hubby has lived in Idaho his whole life, and had never seen that before, so it was something we experienced together. I think next time we will go visit Shoshone Falls, the more commercialized visitor spot on the river, with a lot more gaukers, and tourists...but most importantly...handrails and protective fencing! Have a great day all!