Last Day of May...

It is still more like April though if you look at the weather. Hubby did a wonderful thing, and got my garden beds ready for me to plant in, but we shall see, I still have to get the plants in, and keep them warm enough with the water tubes that we have so that they get a better chance of producing something. So, we shall see! If things do survive, they will be late at any rate...oh, well, what can I do?
Everyone seemed to enjoy the muffins that I made yesterday, so much so that there were a few ground-in mini chocolate chips in my fairly-recently shampooed carpet...Yes, I did flip out, just a little, and hubby was really good about cleaning the spots for me!
As for today, we are having left overs. As, I still have to bake some loaves of bed that I had hoped to do myself yesterday but was unable to. My body didn't last much past around 11 a.m. I hope that this new pain management trial works and so I can at least get some relief! We are down to two weeks from today for that, but who is counting?
Yesterday, I returned a call to a women from church asking me to assist in taking a meal to a elderly man who is on crutches and alone, so of course I said yes. So, next Wednesday is my day. She did give me a list of food items that he is allergic too, but luckily I do not have most of what he is allergic too here, nor do I cook with them regularly. So, we should be safe. Have you ever taken food to someone you barely know? I always hope that they like what I take, maybe that is the pride that I feel for what I do, whether it be for family, or friends, or a person in need. Is pride a bad thing in this case? Have a great day all!

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