A love hate relationship...mostly the latter, right now...

Not with a person mind you, more and inadamate object. That being my internet, or rather a certain social networking site that I usually play a certain pioneer game on, that has locked me out and will not load. When it happens to load, at least in the recent past, it is so slow, that I get frustrated and refresh, only to be locked out again. Why did Qwest have to go out on their own and go away from their past internet service provider...aaargh!
A lot has happened in the past 24 hours though. First thing, I passed the class that I just finished! A great big sigh of relief that was, and now...onto the next one! Secondly, my 4 y/o just finished up her first year in preschool! She brought home a "book" of her work, showing what she has learned this past school year. She knows her alphabet(if you count singing it so fast that you can only understand the first 5-6 letters, and again 5-6 at the end. We need to work on slowing that down and pronunciation this summer. She can count with conviction to 13, knows several shapes and a lot of colors, and there was even a class picture of the 5 of them together. My baby has decided that she likes to lick things, especially Mommy, instead of giving me a kiss, but she waits until it is too late for me to back up, and so I am expecting a kiss, and instead I get a big slimy lick across my face. Which was cute the first time or two, but now, I almost need a towel. Hopefully this is a phase that will pass quickly!
Thirdly, I have a date set for the trial for the next step in my pain management. I am excited for the possibility. but now. my hubby decided to rain on my parade, and get all concerned and worried. I told him that it is jsut a test to see if I can handle the meds. If not we can go another route, and if so, then we know at least. And lastly, about an hour ago, I woke up my teenager for cheer practice. What is the big deal? Well, she was not able to get up at the sound of her own alarm, and so she downloaded an "app" of some sort, that was suppose to wake her up...yeah, right! She was all "surprised and miffed", then when I was walking out of the room, she laid back down like she was going to go back to sleep, only for me to say that she had better get moving...I think she made it there by five. I only hope that she brushed her teeth!
As for our breakfast experience in the last few days, it has been going well. We have had breakfast sandwiches, homemade toast, and eggs, and the plan for last night's dinner was to be a breakfast casserole, but it ended up being the hubby's "special". I do have to say, when I started making loaves of homemade bread, I was hoping to save some money, but what ended up happening will probably be the opposite, and I am making two loaves of bread every 3-4 days. We were able to get over to the bread store and buy the bread that hubby usually would eat in the past, and all six loaves are untouched, and he told me yesterday, with a sad face that he just finished the last four slices that were in the fridge, so I needed to make some more...with a pout in my direction. I truly am happy that he like food that I prepare, but does he realize what a pain homemade bread is? I know that he does, but if he is happy, I will gladly endure! Have a great morning!

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