One rotten Apple can ruin...

You know the saying right, one rotten apple can ruin the whole bushel...Well, I found out that a rotten batch of blueberries can too. I was so looking forward to having the kids try my blueberry pancakes this morning, I even made six of them before I tried a piece of one, and I made the sourest, yucky face, and promptly threw them all in the trash, along with the remaining batter. I am not sure if I did something wrong or if the blueberries were just bad, so I am going with the latter. Oh, well we will begin again tomorrow, I guess!
I decided on having breakfast for dinner tomorrow night instead of tonight...bring on the french toast, and honey butter, at least for me, and with Velvetta for hubby and the little kids, with syrup on top for the teenager, what would a person do without condiments? Our lives might end, totally possible, I think!

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