I am awake at 3 a.m....is that too early?

Can't sleep, and my mind starts working...I just wanted to let you know that our breakfast for dinner was a big hit, and the family actually saved me some leftovers...that in itself is amazing! Okay, okay, so the fact that I prepared a family favorite of french toast doesn't make it more difficult or anything, but I always want them to like the food I make. Maybe it is just an ego thing for me, but who cares!
Looking forward to later this morning, a friend and I are getting together and then I plan to run a few errands, in Twin. Is it wrong that I am excited? It will be the last time before summer hits that I can do something without the girls, and while I love them all dearly, it is nice to have time with just a friend who happens to be an adult, and not having to worry about car seats, snacks, drink, spills, remembering favorite toys, finding possible lost toys, placating them, when all they want to eat is "chicken and fries", oh, with a toy...yes, another toy...Then, the most important, rushing home at a rapid pace, trying to keep them awake, even though they are crabby, so that they will sleep more than 10 minutes in their own beds once we make it in the house...
Thanks so much for listening, I thing I am going to try and lay back down again, so I can possibly get a little more sleep before my day begins...Night!

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