Day 18 thru 21...

Okay, so I actually did not sluff off, I promise, I was ill...the kind of ill where you do not want to eat, smell food, or even think about it, but thankfully am a whole lot better now! My hubby is such a wonderful man. On Friday when I called him and asked him to bring home Sprite and saltine crackers, first he said with compassion, "are you sick?", to which I answered, "yes." His next comment, "At least you got sick on a Friday, so I don't have to miss any work." This said with all of the firmness and certainty he could muster, I am sure. If I wasn't feeling so poorly at that moment, I would have laughed, but even today, that still hurts.
So, the kids and hubby were pretty well on their own for a few days, due to my inability to move pretty much, and I have to say, I am proud! The all ate cooked food each morning, and did not get too hungry the rest of the day either. Even when the dishwasher was acting up, the all participated in their own way, and cleaned up after eating! I couldn't be happier! Plus, I have to say again, that I love my Paula Deen cookware! I have to admit with grateful heart and much relief that it held up really well, with the family testing it!
I was wondering, does anyone have a good quiche recipe, one that does not include broccoli, I like it, but three of the four others in the house don't "like that bright green color". Ha, Ha!


Day 17...

Okay, so our 4 y/o practically ate a bowl full of sugar for breakfast this morning, and guess what? Not my fault. Hubby was up and going way before me this morning, and she woke up right before me too, and she wanted cake. I would have made her wait until she had at least a piece of toast, but not dear hubby. He gave her, what I would consider a giant wedge of cake, and she ate all of it, minus possibly three bites. So, after I cleaned all of the crumbs off of the table, the baby and I ate eggs and fried tortillas, probably not much better than the cake, but in my opinion, not much else tastes better than flour tortillas fried in butter until crispy! Promise to myself, start again tomorrow...


No rest and relaxation today...

Not that I get much of that mind you, but dear, dear hubby is always saying how when he goes to work, I take naps, and sit around..."eating those bon bons, and other chocolates all day"...only kidding, he know that I don't, but even if I wanted to, it wouldn't happen today. Why, do you ask. Dear, sweet, ill hubby will be home today. He has some kind of a stomach bug, and was up through out the night, so I know what I will be fixing him to eat. Sprite, and toast. Poor baby! I will do my best to keep the other food smells to a minimum also. I feel so bad, I dislike being sick, but I really dislike him being sick, I tease him, and he agrees that when he is sick, who will take care of me...Just in case you are wondering about the trip to the grocery store yesterday...bought 3 gallons of milk, bring the total to 5 so far for the week, five dozen eggs, added to the 18 count that I already had used, and a 15 pound sack of potatoes...I know that I will be buying more milk in a few days, but I am sure I am good with the other things for a bit.


Day 15...And a Grocery trip...

A trip to get groceries is in "store"...yes, I know, corny! Will be taking the baby with me to get groceries today. It is a lot easier than taking anyone else...When I do, teenager absolutely has to have stuff, usually that costs an arm and a leg, or she "might just die"...Toddler, wants to having things in practically every aisle, and tells me about it all through the store, non stop. Even the hubby puts things in the cart that "we might need eventually", and also digs into the budget, so bring on a trip to get groceries with a 17 month old any day! Things that we absolutely will need...milk, eggs, oj, bread...you know, the essentials!


Day 14...Week Two

This is actually calming to know that despite all of the turmoil and stress in a person's life, they can have a set plan, and know what needs to get done, and complete the task and feel like something is being accomplished amidst all of the challenges! Baby, toddler, and I are going to eat...pancakes, not with chocolate chips this time, that would be just a bit too messy for me this morning! Happy Bacon, to those of us who prefer that, and Happy Sausage for those who like that better! Thanks for visiting, and come back again tomorrow!


Day 12 & 13...

Day 12, Sunday...the kids and hubby had eggs and toast with cheese today! It amazes me just how many eggs are consumed by my family in one week...I think that I will keep a tally starting next week, and just see on average how many we eat. Another thing that is a bit shocking is how many gallons of milk we drink in a week, I will keep track of that too, and let you know.
Day 13, Monday...the baby isn't feeling to good this morning, so, I am glad that she is now sleeping. So, as for a "brunch" our 4 y/o and I are going to have our fav. breakfast sandwiches. They are so yummy, and you should try one. Ours consist of an egg, cheese slice, thick ham slice, all on a toasted, sliced roll. What would you do to make a breakfast sandwich your own, and your favorite?


Day Eleven..."Big Fail..."

at least that is what my teenager might call it...I tried an recipe off of the internet this morning, followed it exactly, and yuck! It was a recipe for chocolate chip muffins, and usually just about anything with chocolate is a hit, but not this time. The muffins were dry, and according to my 4 y/o "they did not taste." So, I tried them and she was so right, no taste. So, I will try something different tomorrow and we will see if there is a better response.


Day Ten...WOW!

Ten days, and we have not eaten breakfast out of a box, is that some kind of record? Probably not, but it sure feels like it! I am going to make breakfast quesadillas this morning, with scrambled eggs and cheese inside. Would make something more substantial but hubby will not be joining us, just me and all the girls. I think that they are enjoying the little adventure, they certainly love eggs, so that is helpful! Going to revisit the Food Nanny website today and get some ideas...


Day Nine - Yummy!

Okay, first off, I have to share what I got as a Christmas present...my hubby and children bought me kitchen items for the holiday. My favorite being the Paula Deen Cookware griddle pan. So, this morning, I used it, well actually I use my Paula Deen cookware DAILY, but this pan is just wonderful! Today I made breakfast sandwiches, which consisted of a fried egg, thin ham slices, and half a piece of cheese, on a toasted roll, all prepared on this fabulous pan. Yum! Littlest daughter also ate, but her's was a deconstructed version, as she still eats mostly with her hands and when she uses the spoon she just has to have no matter what we are eating, she places the piece of food on the spoon then does the best she can to get it into her mouth, usually succeeding after 2 or 3 tries...which does bring a smile to her face and ours, usually accompanied by a round of applause, initiated by her. Gotta love the enthusiasm of a 17 month old.


Day Eight, made a mistake...

OKay, so yesterday I baked up the cinnamon rolls for today that we had planned on before...left them sit out too long to cool, and they are now a hardened rock of bread and sugar, minus the icing...I know better! It is just that when my little girls want to snuggle with me and have play time, and read a story with me, that means more, as it should and so I will need to start over another day on the cinnamon rolls. On tap for today, just me and the baby. My 4 y/o is off to preschool, hubby and older daughter off to work and school also. I am going to take littlest one with me to visit a few friends later this morning, too bad the rolls aren't yummy, I could take each of them some, but if I am not going to eat them, no one else should either. First of many missteps on this adventure, I am afraid...has that ever happened to you?


Day Seven...Week One Over

The joys of having little kids at home are that they ultimately determine what it is that we do each day, and what we don't do, ergo what we eat is also somewhat determined by them. The two little girls were up really late last night, and just would not sleep so, therefore this morning, Mommy overslept and did not get the cinnamon rolls into the oven early enough for everyone to take to work/school, so that will have to wait for another day. College begins again this evening for me, and so a lot more planning will have to go into each meal preparation, which I actually am ready for, I love being able to know ahead of time what we are eating, and then the question, "Mooom, what is for dinner?" is answered just by reading the calendar that I post on the fridge. The best place that I have found for this is by a person called, the Food Nanny. I can plan meals, list groceries needed for my trip to the store, and get some great recipes and menu ideas all at once, and when I once I have chosen meals for the week, print them off on a calendar, all ready to put on the fridge for all to see...stress free! So, now, I have two menus on the fridge, one for breakfast, and one for dinner, which is great! To all, have a great day!


Day Five & Day 6

Day Five was a Sunday, so sorry, I did not post. Hubby and the kids had breakfast, and they ate what hubby cooked. Which consisted of his "special"... The special normally consists of 6 over easy eggs on top of four or five "slabs" of Velvetta, all on top of two pieces of buttered toast. I cannot eat this, not sure why, it just does not agree with me, so I did not participate. But Sunday, he modified said special. He actually only cooked five eggs, three for himself, overeasy of course, and one each for the little girls, not over easy though. He gave me a break, which was wonderful.
Day Six, today we are going to consume about half a loaf of thawed banana bread that I had made a few weeks ago, and frozen. They love this, as there are about a handful of mini chocolate chips thrown into each loaf. Even though we will eat 1/2 of the loaf, there will be no leftover beyond this evening, our older daughter, and my hubby will fight for the other half when they both get home. They love bread that I make.
In preparation for tomorrow morning, I am going to make a loaf of homemade bread, in the breadmaker, and once it is cooled, freeze it so that it will slice well...see you in the a.m.


Day Four

Today is so exciting...hubby and I are going on a daytime date...hair cut for hubby, movie(Harry Potter), early dinner at a nice place, trip to grocery store for essentials(milk, bread, eggs, "treats" for the girls, then home. So excited! So in preparation for that we has nice breakfast of cheesy eggs and melted velvetta on toast with Sunny D. Family fav. here. Any breakfast ideas out there, let me know!


Day Three

Okay so this morning, something that would have otherwise been somewhat healthy, became so not healthy. We just got finished eating pancakes, okay good and healthy all alone right, not when you put on them what we did. The little kids and I just had chocolate chip pancakes which is bad enough, but my 4 year old wanted maple syrup on top...bad thing is, I indulged her...vow to be better tomorrow, when all five of us are eating!


Day Two

Okay, so I made homemade bread for dinner last night, and amazingly enough we have leftovers, so french toast with homemade bread this morning! This may be fun...I need some ideas for easy breakfast foods to make...any ideas out there? Only two for food this a.m. The baby and me, I am excited for the weekend, when I can cook for everyone at one!


Day One - 1/12/11

The big question becomes...what to eat. I am so use to feeding the little kids cold cereal from a box, but that is the purpose of our little experience here, and that is not to eat cold cereal as we did before practically every day. But instead, try things that we haven't had for a while, try new things, and just experience. I am not trying to be healthy all at once, or make those in our family eat things they don't like, just experience things other than cereal from a box because Mommy just doesn't feel like making them something. This is going to be a challenge but I am up for it.
Along for the ride...myself, stay at home Mom of three girls, age 17, 4, and 17 months, and my great husband. We shall see what their reaction is, won't we! Menu for this morning, eggs and toast, those eating, the two little girls, and me. Anyone with menu ideas that work for you, please let me know. I would love to hear.