Missed 4 Days...So, sorry!

So, I missed posting on Friday...went to Boise to spend the day with my sister in law! Had a great time. Hubby watched and fed the kids, sausage and toast! Then, instead of driving on home on mostly icy roads after dark on Friday night, I spent the night at my parents house, woke up a few times during the night, I am so not use to the quiet. Finally got up at 7 a.m. when I heard their dogs and my Dad start to get up and around, plus I was missing my little baby. The smiles and kisses first thing, are the best! Got home about 1 p.m. on Saturday, after one last trip over to the outlet mall, just to see if there were any really great deals on stuff that I cannot get in Twin. Sunday, off to church, and hubby again spent the time with the little ones. I have an amazing husband! He actually had been off of work for vacation since Wednesday, but didn't really get any alone time himself...after two trips to the dentist with me, letting me have a day to myself, that actually turned into two days, then Sunday...he is wonderful and so thoughtful!
So, today is Monday, and I am back to our daily routine...breakfast, which was more like lunch for everyone. I made egg rolls instead, so we will be having eggs and toast for lunch. Then , I am hoping to make something special for hubby for dinner, as a thank-you for all that he does for us! I am looking forward to the mail getting here today too. The local grocery store case lot sale starts tomorrow. The trick, after many years of them running out of most of the stuff that I need practically on the first day seems to be, get there right when they open, at 7 a.m. the first morning...and why you ask? All for tuna fish, cream of chicken soup, and other staples that we will use, plus hopefully they will have some brownie mixes, last year about this time, they were completely out when I got there later in the morning. One cashier told me that a women came in first thing that morning, and had filled a cart full of them. What?! Can you say "share"! Wishing a great day to all!


Day 44...Stressing still!

Another Consultation Dental Visit today, this time as mentioned yesterday, with a Sedative Dentist! The local dentist that I saw yesterday suggested to me that in his opinion, I needed to be sedated even for a cleaning, due to my obvious anxiety level. Very little sleep last night, and not so hungry this morning. But, just because I am not feeling oh so good, doesn't mean that the family has to be there with me, so I will be making them something. When we were in the office, btw I made hubby and the little one come back into the room with me for moral support, there was a TV on the wall, and one mounted in the ceiling, so if I wanted to I could watch, which I did not, but hubby was teasing that I could watch the "Food channel", otherwise know to all else as Food Network, which I normally enjoy, but I said to him, trying to lighten the mood, "I don't think so, that is probably why I am here." Only kidding of course, but next thing I know, Food Network was on the screen. The hygenist had changed it. That was very nice of her to try and help me be more relaxed. Wish us luck! P.S. Hubby is actually on vacation that started yesterday throught the rest of the week, and he ends up helping me, instead of taking naps, reloading guns, target practice, and more naps. I love and appreciate him so much!


Contentment and Stress All at Once!

Okay so, today is a BIG day for me...but first let me tell you about my morning, hubby has the rest of the week off...woohoo, chores will get to be done! Anyway, first thing, he took 4 y/o to preschool, teenager off to school, so the baby and I sat down to read stories in the rocking chair, we were able to read the same two stories six times before Daddy walked back in from his errand. We picked out the turtle's facial features, eyes, nose, mouth, belly, you know, the essentials. She is so amazed when I read to her, and I am so proud and happy when she understands and listens. But, once hubby walks in the door he says to me, "I thought that you would have bacon cooking?" "But," I said, "we were reading stories." That was Okay, he assured me, because he knows that whatever they want to do at that moment takes presidence.
So, you are thinking that that is by no means stressful, and you are right. This afternoon, I have a consultation at the dentist office...Under normal circumstances that would be no big deal, but not for me! I have had such bad experiences when I was younger that I would get physically sick at the sounds, the smells, etc., and that is just when I would first walk in the door. So, this afternoon, sweet, and amazing hubby is going to hold my hand when I go in, to just talk to the dentist about getting some work done. I didn't sleep well last night, and I am so worried that I am all jittery...Any suggestions as to what will help me stay calm? Can you say sedative dentistry? Also, my baby is teething, and so all she really wants right now is soft food, so thank goodness for the amazement that there is leftover french toast for her, and Carnation instant breakfast and milk!


Okay, so here we are...

French Toast... We are having french toast for dinner, instead of breakfast, because everyone wants this and no one will be happy if they do not get their "fair" share. I mentioned earlier that I would explain about this, so I will try my best. Here goes.
French toast in our house, is not about what you add to the eggs, to make it taste better or even if you use water, versus milk, of which I prefer milk... It is all about how many you make and what you put on it. For us, our usual type of bread when I I still have some is Grandma Emilie's 2 pound loaf. The WHOLE thing! This bread is more dense, but is still soft in the middle, so for us it works great! Other types of bread that I have tried sometimes falls apart in the dipping step, and you want the bread to look nice when you eat it, right? This bread holds up, and so we prefer it.
Okay, so the "whole" loaf is actually...16-18 pieces of bread, including the heals. This is where I begin, then skipping over to the egg prep. That is safely, 10 large eggs, you remember when I did an egg count for a week for us a while back...this was not part of that count if I remember correctly. I mix the eggs, and enough milk to turn the eggs a lighter shade of yellow, no exact measurement here, just enough to loosen the eggs up. I have added thing like vanilla, and cinnamon, but the family doesn't usually prefer this, so the egg mixture is just eggs and milk. I dip and fry two pieces of bread at a time with a little bit of butter on the skillet browning each side. This takes longer, but that way I have less chance of burning more than two pieces at a time...ha, ha, ha...To keep the toast warm while the others are cooking, I put them on a cookie sheet in the oven on a low temperature, but in a pinch, a few second in the microwave after they are all done works too!
As far as toppings go, my oldest daughter like the traditional maple syrup, so does our 4 y/o. The hubby has to be different though, he makes a half sandwich by folding the bread in half after spreading honey butter over it and placing a piece of velvetta cheese in the fold. The 4 y/o has to add a piece or two of velvetta to her plate when she sees daddy doing this too. As for the baby, not stick or messy stuff for her yet, and please don't hassle me, about that, I know that she needs to experiment with tastes, but you don't have to wrestle with her to get her cleaned up...maybe someday soon, but not today. As for me, I actually like a little melted butter on mine, and sometimes a sprinkling of granulated sugar...yum!
The treat for everyone, and where the "fighting" ensues is when there happens to be a piece or two left over and they argue as to who will be able to have them to eat the next day. Who knew that so much strife could occur from french toast! Have a great day all!


Can you say....Wow, what were we thinking!

Sunday - went to church, and hubby took care of the kids so I could have some more "me" time... I would take them, but I cannot handle squirming kids by myself, especially when the baby steps on the scar from my hip surgery. So, he warmed up pizza that we had gotten from Papa Murphy's on Friday. I have to say that my baby loves what we got her in Boise on Saturday...we bought her her first new pair of shoes, she has only allowed them to be taken off so that she can sleep, under much extreme duress, literally. She cries and carries on for sometime.
Hubby and I went to Costco that afternoon, I am against shopping on Sunday, and have been for years, it is just something I don't like to do, but it was the only time we could go without the little ones, thanks to our teenager, by the way. But, being from a smaller town now, and going to a somewhat larger city, it is a bit of a shock. I was hoping that they weren't too busy, but I was so wrong. The parking lot was packed, and it was like we were mice in a maze in the store. I even asked hubby if that was the place people came to socialize and sample...There were people walking around with empty carts, or with only a small item or two chatting with others, blocking the path, and crowding the corners by the food samples, with a lot more chatting. I don't like crowds, I really never have, and it was very stressful! So happy when we got home, it was a relief, until I remembered that I still had to find a spot for the items that we had bought. But no worries, now that everytthing is put away, we won't be making another trip for pretty close to a year!
Monday - pancakes for this morning, and more shoe drama. The baby wanted her shoes on right away when she woke up...I have been telling her those are her speedy shoes, and so she can run, "fast, fast." I hope that she doesn't believe me...I will never catch her if she does, I cannot run even for a little bit anymore. Plus, I am so sore from the trip to the store yesterday, I can hardly walk anyway!
Is anyone else getting cabin fever? We are under a bit of an inversion, and so when the sun is shining it only does so through a filter of hazy clouds. It is depressing, a bit, and we will all be excited for warmer weather and more sunshine! Bring on the pretty flowers and beautiful colors, and in our case, the swing set!


Day 40...OMG!

Wow, 40 days and so fitting, this morning will be a test! We are all getting ready to head to Boise...banana bread for the ride, but I have a feeling that we are going to stop somewhere too! Everyone is ready, and will be waiting on me in a few minutes. Thank goodness for the portable dvd player for the 2 1/2 hour ride. The 4 y/o loves Horton Hears a Who, and the newest Tinkerbell movie so, those two are making the trip with us! It is priceless to hear her laugh unabashed at something she finds hilarious!
Speaking of priceless...last night at 7:45...I looked over at Jim and the girls, who were all snuggling in the lazy boy chair, rocking away, and Jim was watching tv, the girls were asleep...4 y/o was completely out, while the baby was nodding off, waking herself, then nodding off again! So sweet, and wonderful! I love them so much!


Day 38...and counting!

We will be going to Boise on Saturday, and so the planning begins. I still can't believe it takes so much effort, just to leave town for the day. The little girls need so much stuff, it amazes me! Plus, Grandma & Grandpa have a hot tub at their house, the little girls love to "swim" in the hot water, so swimsuits will have to be packed, plus because of the weather, winter coats, just in case...what a temperature shift.
This morning, I was the only one who ate a cooked breakfast, but not the case for the next couple of days, so I have found that thawing some banana bread that I had made will work perfectly for the drive up. We are also fans of pumpkin bread too. Who says that quick bread only need to be made and enjoyed during the holiday season!
Class tonight for me. I haven't starting down until it is time for finals week yet, but who know that may start soon! The hard part is sitting in those desks for almost two hours. My legs fall asleep. I just wish that they had an unattached chair, no leg room, yuck!


Day 37...

Today will hopefully be a quiet day, for rest, reflection, relaxation...yeah, right! It will hopefully be quieter than usual. Work, school, and preschool for three out of five of us. So, just me and the little one today! All that means is that I have to try and get as much laundry done as possible, study, and not strain my back or hip in the process. At least the baby is finally feeling better after her trip to the Doctor on Monday. That was truly horrible for her, and therefore us too! She likes, eggs, so I am thinking something along those lines. I have been thinking of something though. If I could not obtain eggs, for one reason or another, our daily meals would change drastically. even our non-daily treats would too. Think about it for a minute, how often do we use eggs, and for what...Still intend to only purchase them for the time being. I do not want to deal with chickens. They are not a very nice bird. But eventually, who knows.


Day 36...

I know that I have talked about this before, but I do have to say again that the Food Nanny is still so awesome! I have gotten away from the meal planning a bit, all because my printer ran out of ink...can you imagine. Almost the end of the universe for some. But, I don't like scrambling to figure out something to make for the family, plus more than anything, once I get a brilliant idea, and the lightbulb goes off, there is nothing worse at that moment than not having all of the ingredients. So, during nap time...meal planning! Nap time, what a novel idea. After the baby's harrowing appointment yesterday, she slept for her morning nap, but her legs hurt so bad from the five shots that she was upset and in pain for the rest of the day, and so needless to say, no afternoon nap, cat or otherwise. Her 4 y/o sister was a sweet as could be though. She knew that her sister was hurting and so she was ready with a hug, and kiss, a soothing word, and even her own blankie to calm her sister! Moments like that almost make me forget the cat fights that happen over the smallest thing, almost! I am thinking, a small batch of french toast is in order for this morning, I will explain what I mean by small later on...for a family of five, it will surprise you when I make a large batch. I promise!


Day 33, 34, 35...

Day 33...made pancakes that morning, but hubby wanted sugar coated frosted cereal, so the little kids joined him with that, and then we re-warmed the pancakes for lunch. Sometimes, a person just needs the sugar, I guess.
Day 34...Sunday, I went to church, and usually hubby watches them, and feeds them so that I can have some me time. Usually that is, but he joined his brother at a Gun Show at the fairgrounds. Teenager fed the little kids grilled cheese sandwiches for breakfast, and all I can say is, at least it was something that was warm and not soggy! Back to the gun show, hubby walked in carrying a gun case, and I about passed out. In my opinion, he has enough guns, in his, you can never have too many! Actually, to my relief, it was only a case, and bullets, and casings for bullets, and maybe some powder too. That is a pretty big hobby that he has.
Day 35...as if other stuff isn't normally stressful...my baby had to get shots today. It was her 18 month doctor visit, and I couldn't go alone, hubby had to come and help. I can hardly handle the kids when we go to the store by myself, so hubby had to come and help, especially during the mean part. He is so wonderful! It is too bad the nurse wasn't cupid, and the needles weren't love arrows! But, now all is well, we are back home, sans hubby, he is off to work, and the baby is resting in bed, and hopefully about asleep. I just have to try and keep her legs warm so that they don't hurt too badly! I wish that there was another way around the shots. I feel so bad for them when they hurt! Just ask my Mom, I use to cry when our dog would get shots...


Day 32...As seen on TV stuff...

Have you seen those informercials in the middle of the night when you cannot sleep...you know the ones, where they promise all kinds of things, and can't possibly deliver...Over the years, I have actually bought a few items, not many, but a few. You see, I can see "behind the scenes" of those informercials, for years when I was younger I lived in Omaha, the "mecca" of telemarketing companies. I was told once that in the midwest, there is less of an accent than in places in the south, or north or other locations in the US. Anyways, usually when an infomercial comes on, I notice things, like that the shipping and "processing" fees are not listed, or that they mention that there are "optional attachments", plus additional shipping charges, and I can usually figure the price that the item will be "reduced" to, when they display the actual cost they "could get" but "just for calling in the next # of minutes"... But, one item in particular I did purchase, is something if I remember correctly is called the Express 101.
You might have seen the more fancy version with the red top and the timer that they are showing more recently, I actually bought the previous version, without the extra insertible, additionally prices pans and the timer that the newest one has. I actually use it, and like it. There is one thing in particular that I make with it. It is basically an omelet with potatoes, meat, cheese and eggs. Then, I take the handheld omelet, and wrap it in a softly fried eight inch tortilla, which is the perfect size. The whole family loves it. So, instead of breakfast for breakfast, we are going to do another breakfast for dinner.


Day 31...A dilemma!

Okay, so here is the dilemma. As of Monday, our little town of about 3,000 people, has a Mickey D's. That is actually a wonderful addition to the town, and will hopefully keep some of the dollars that float towards Twin daily, here instead. It is still new, and so it is constantly busy, but HELLO...two of my three kids are under 5 and need a happy meal! Anyways, I am not really a fan of their breakfast items so no temptations there, but a girl has got to have fries, especially hot ones that will stay warm until we reach the house, two miles away...we shall see!
School tonight for me, and an exam...yikes. So, I still have to prep dinner, and put in the oven for the family to eat, and I had a bright idea to prep breakfast burritos for the morning...we shall see just what gets done. Snuggling with babies, laundry, but most impotant during nap time...study!


Day 30...One Month Down...

and treats are on the menu...rice krispie treats, that is. I feel that I have to explain though. You see, many, many, many years ago, when I lived in NY State, we went over to visit my Aunt and cousins one morning, and she was giving them breakfast, so we got to have some too. I remember thinking oh my gosh, she is such a cool Mom, we never get anything like this for breakfast. She had made rice krispie treats for her girls to have, and so now finally for the first time ever, my girls, and hubby too, are going to get this, all thanks to the memory/idea from my Aunt so many years ago. By the way, my Aunt still is so fun and cool!


Day 29...Eggs, eggs, eggs!

I saw this morning on a news program where whole eggs are not that bad for you anymore, at least for the moment. They are saying that there are ingredients in the yolk that we need. What? You hear so often that the yolks are bad for you, but am relieved for the moment that it is "politically correct" or rather "nutritionally correct" to eat them, for now. But, I guess one thing to always remember, everything in moderation. So, this morning. Steak, and you guessed it, eggs! Have a good day all!


Day 27 & 28...Another day After!

Day 27...Super Bowl Sunday...I usually don't eat very much food, but can you say...omg! The kids all had Jim's "special again, with him in the morning, which was fine, but then about 2 p.m. I started, what I thought would be "something simple". Sub sandwiches on french bread, different chips, with cheese dip and bean dip, brownies, and soda. Uuurrgh! Leftovers, you ask! Thank goodness, yes! I hurt, and I only had a what one would consider one serving! Well, except for maybe the brownies, but I can't be held responsible for that, can I. It was the Super Bowl.
Day 28...I am so tempted to eat crackers and flat soda today, after the events of yesterday, but the kids deserve better than an excuse that Mommy doesn't feel so good. My 4 y/o's response to that usually is, "then just go lay down Mommy..." Oh, how simple that would be! So, the plan...definitely something more "simple" that yesterday, that is for sure! P.S. I was still remembering the VW commercial, with the little child who that that they were Darth Vadar. Still laughing at the moment when the car started! So, funny!


Day 26...The Day After...

Last night was so much fun! The family loved seeing the tractors, most of the tires were taller than me, and our 4 y/o was amazed. The best part was spending time with dear friends that we haven't seen in a while and catching up over pizza. This morning, I felt motivated and we ate breakfast together. Biscuits and sausage gravy with shredded cheese, and Sunny D. I even got a thank you for making breakfast...that is great, and makes everything worth it!


Day 25...

Have you every been so excited, that you can't sleep, eat, sit still, stop fidgiting, you know, hardly contain yourself? Yes, you guessed it, Agri-Action is HERE...I am only kidding you know. It isn't like looking at farm equipment is the most exciting thing in the world, but that is what is planned for tonight, for all of us. The little kids, expecially our 4 y/o will be able to climb up into the big tractors, and honk the horns, just like every other little kid at the indoor rodeo arena at CSI. Only when the others do it, my face doesn't turn beet red with embarassment. The baby will get to go in the tractor's too, but only if Daddy will climb up with her, which he will have to do, because she doesn't want to be left out. I just hope for her sake that they do not run out of balloons and the Ag Weekly booth before we get there. As for me, I need to remember to take some meds before we leave to combat the pain and soreness that occurs after walking on a hard-packed dirt arena floor for a few hours. Yes, I said a few hours, and not because this event is huge or anything, but because the family we are going to meet up with there, at least the Dad in the family, my hubby's best friend since second grade, yes they were seven, likes to chat with almost each and every person, after all he is networking, etc. We always joke and tease about it if he actually makes it through the whole building before they close the doors. Then, we will all congregate at a local Pizza Hut, in Twin for our "usual". We take up a large amount of space, with their five and our three plus four adults, but you know...that part is fun. Trying to catch up since we last spent time together with the loud din of eight hungry kids...woo hoo! So, food this morning is important, so that they have something in their tummies other than soda and melted cheese all day!


Day 24...

You know those days when you have such plans, and the things you plan actually get accomplished...well, that actually happened to me today. Laundry, done. Cookies, made. Dishes, done. Kitchen counter, cleared off, for a few minutes at least. Plus, I actually had steak for breakfast. I don't do that a lot, but just so you know. We raise a steer in our "backyard". The pasture is out behind our house, and for about 9 months a year, "dinner" resides there until our wonderful butcher makes a visit, and then "dinner" visits him before returning home in white packages. I don't know how anyone can afford red meat otherwise. Have you seen the prices for meat in the stores? It is amazing what is being charged. If I were to buy red meat in the stores, I would certainly add at least $30-$40 dollars, twice a month to our grocery bill, and we would be lucky to eat hamburger, and only hamburger. SO, even though I get sticker shock from buying the young steer in the spring, then feeding him grain that supplements the pasture grass, the finally grain and hay once the weather turns, finished up by paying the price of cut and wrap to the butcher, it is nice to have choices in my freezer. I know that this option is not possible for a lot of people, but it is sure nice to be able to have a steak once in a while, and also know where it has come from too...


Day 23...

Awesome idea...breakfast for dinner! I have done it in the past, but who says that you are only suppose to have things like scrambled eggs, pancakes, waffles, and of course quiche in the morning? Not me that is for sure! I made one consisting of shredded chicken, shredded chedday, I added some corn kernels, and a small amount of diced green chilis....yum!
P.S. Egg count for a week, 2 1/2 dozen consumed...Gallons of milk consumed in one week, and yes, I said ONE week, 7...umm,hmm SEVEN! Not skim or even 2% mind you...whole, "leaded", real milk. The only think better than that according to my husband is milk right out of the dairy tanks like he would have when he was younger and his family ran a dairy. So, we make sacrifices in other ways so that we can afford that, but according to him, it is worth it so that he doesn't drink "water".
The baby and I are here today, the others are off to work, school and pre-school, so I hope to get some stuff done.
And on tap for this morning...eggs, of course. The baby likes them, and she can hold them, put it on a spoon herself and feed it to herself, so that is a mighty big plus! Will be making another quiche of a different type soon, for breakfast in the morning this next time, this one was a big hit!


Day 22...and breakfast for dinner too!

At least, that is the plan! I got some great ideas for quiche yesterday from a dear, dear friend and so will not only be fixing breakfast once today, but twice! Biscuits with gravy this morning and a quiche with chicken, green chilies and cheddar cheese for dinner. So excited, even though I will hope that there are leftovers of the quiche for me, because I have class tonight...shoot!
Speaking of my dear friend, we live a few hours apart, and haven't seen each other in many, many years, but we compared our kids, and hubby's yesterday. She has all boys in her home, and I have my three girls, and of course dear hubby. It is amazing how similar they all act, and also amazing how similar we both respond to their antics...that is so fun!