Day 36...

I know that I have talked about this before, but I do have to say again that the Food Nanny is still so awesome! I have gotten away from the meal planning a bit, all because my printer ran out of ink...can you imagine. Almost the end of the universe for some. But, I don't like scrambling to figure out something to make for the family, plus more than anything, once I get a brilliant idea, and the lightbulb goes off, there is nothing worse at that moment than not having all of the ingredients. So, during nap time...meal planning! Nap time, what a novel idea. After the baby's harrowing appointment yesterday, she slept for her morning nap, but her legs hurt so bad from the five shots that she was upset and in pain for the rest of the day, and so needless to say, no afternoon nap, cat or otherwise. Her 4 y/o sister was a sweet as could be though. She knew that her sister was hurting and so she was ready with a hug, and kiss, a soothing word, and even her own blankie to calm her sister! Moments like that almost make me forget the cat fights that happen over the smallest thing, almost! I am thinking, a small batch of french toast is in order for this morning, I will explain what I mean by small later on...for a family of five, it will surprise you when I make a large batch. I promise!

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