Day 25...

Have you every been so excited, that you can't sleep, eat, sit still, stop fidgiting, you know, hardly contain yourself? Yes, you guessed it, Agri-Action is HERE...I am only kidding you know. It isn't like looking at farm equipment is the most exciting thing in the world, but that is what is planned for tonight, for all of us. The little kids, expecially our 4 y/o will be able to climb up into the big tractors, and honk the horns, just like every other little kid at the indoor rodeo arena at CSI. Only when the others do it, my face doesn't turn beet red with embarassment. The baby will get to go in the tractor's too, but only if Daddy will climb up with her, which he will have to do, because she doesn't want to be left out. I just hope for her sake that they do not run out of balloons and the Ag Weekly booth before we get there. As for me, I need to remember to take some meds before we leave to combat the pain and soreness that occurs after walking on a hard-packed dirt arena floor for a few hours. Yes, I said a few hours, and not because this event is huge or anything, but because the family we are going to meet up with there, at least the Dad in the family, my hubby's best friend since second grade, yes they were seven, likes to chat with almost each and every person, after all he is networking, etc. We always joke and tease about it if he actually makes it through the whole building before they close the doors. Then, we will all congregate at a local Pizza Hut, in Twin for our "usual". We take up a large amount of space, with their five and our three plus four adults, but you know...that part is fun. Trying to catch up since we last spent time together with the loud din of eight hungry kids...woo hoo! So, food this morning is important, so that they have something in their tummies other than soda and melted cheese all day!

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