Can you say....Wow, what were we thinking!

Sunday - went to church, and hubby took care of the kids so I could have some more "me" time... I would take them, but I cannot handle squirming kids by myself, especially when the baby steps on the scar from my hip surgery. So, he warmed up pizza that we had gotten from Papa Murphy's on Friday. I have to say that my baby loves what we got her in Boise on Saturday...we bought her her first new pair of shoes, she has only allowed them to be taken off so that she can sleep, under much extreme duress, literally. She cries and carries on for sometime.
Hubby and I went to Costco that afternoon, I am against shopping on Sunday, and have been for years, it is just something I don't like to do, but it was the only time we could go without the little ones, thanks to our teenager, by the way. But, being from a smaller town now, and going to a somewhat larger city, it is a bit of a shock. I was hoping that they weren't too busy, but I was so wrong. The parking lot was packed, and it was like we were mice in a maze in the store. I even asked hubby if that was the place people came to socialize and sample...There were people walking around with empty carts, or with only a small item or two chatting with others, blocking the path, and crowding the corners by the food samples, with a lot more chatting. I don't like crowds, I really never have, and it was very stressful! So happy when we got home, it was a relief, until I remembered that I still had to find a spot for the items that we had bought. But no worries, now that everytthing is put away, we won't be making another trip for pretty close to a year!
Monday - pancakes for this morning, and more shoe drama. The baby wanted her shoes on right away when she woke up...I have been telling her those are her speedy shoes, and so she can run, "fast, fast." I hope that she doesn't believe me...I will never catch her if she does, I cannot run even for a little bit anymore. Plus, I am so sore from the trip to the store yesterday, I can hardly walk anyway!
Is anyone else getting cabin fever? We are under a bit of an inversion, and so when the sun is shining it only does so through a filter of hazy clouds. It is depressing, a bit, and we will all be excited for warmer weather and more sunshine! Bring on the pretty flowers and beautiful colors, and in our case, the swing set!

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