Contentment and Stress All at Once!

Okay so, today is a BIG day for me...but first let me tell you about my morning, hubby has the rest of the week off...woohoo, chores will get to be done! Anyway, first thing, he took 4 y/o to preschool, teenager off to school, so the baby and I sat down to read stories in the rocking chair, we were able to read the same two stories six times before Daddy walked back in from his errand. We picked out the turtle's facial features, eyes, nose, mouth, belly, you know, the essentials. She is so amazed when I read to her, and I am so proud and happy when she understands and listens. But, once hubby walks in the door he says to me, "I thought that you would have bacon cooking?" "But," I said, "we were reading stories." That was Okay, he assured me, because he knows that whatever they want to do at that moment takes presidence.
So, you are thinking that that is by no means stressful, and you are right. This afternoon, I have a consultation at the dentist office...Under normal circumstances that would be no big deal, but not for me! I have had such bad experiences when I was younger that I would get physically sick at the sounds, the smells, etc., and that is just when I would first walk in the door. So, this afternoon, sweet, and amazing hubby is going to hold my hand when I go in, to just talk to the dentist about getting some work done. I didn't sleep well last night, and I am so worried that I am all jittery...Any suggestions as to what will help me stay calm? Can you say sedative dentistry? Also, my baby is teething, and so all she really wants right now is soft food, so thank goodness for the amazement that there is leftover french toast for her, and Carnation instant breakfast and milk!

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