Okay, so here we are...

French Toast... We are having french toast for dinner, instead of breakfast, because everyone wants this and no one will be happy if they do not get their "fair" share. I mentioned earlier that I would explain about this, so I will try my best. Here goes.
French toast in our house, is not about what you add to the eggs, to make it taste better or even if you use water, versus milk, of which I prefer milk... It is all about how many you make and what you put on it. For us, our usual type of bread when I I still have some is Grandma Emilie's 2 pound loaf. The WHOLE thing! This bread is more dense, but is still soft in the middle, so for us it works great! Other types of bread that I have tried sometimes falls apart in the dipping step, and you want the bread to look nice when you eat it, right? This bread holds up, and so we prefer it.
Okay, so the "whole" loaf is actually...16-18 pieces of bread, including the heals. This is where I begin, then skipping over to the egg prep. That is safely, 10 large eggs, you remember when I did an egg count for a week for us a while back...this was not part of that count if I remember correctly. I mix the eggs, and enough milk to turn the eggs a lighter shade of yellow, no exact measurement here, just enough to loosen the eggs up. I have added thing like vanilla, and cinnamon, but the family doesn't usually prefer this, so the egg mixture is just eggs and milk. I dip and fry two pieces of bread at a time with a little bit of butter on the skillet browning each side. This takes longer, but that way I have less chance of burning more than two pieces at a time...ha, ha, ha...To keep the toast warm while the others are cooking, I put them on a cookie sheet in the oven on a low temperature, but in a pinch, a few second in the microwave after they are all done works too!
As far as toppings go, my oldest daughter like the traditional maple syrup, so does our 4 y/o. The hubby has to be different though, he makes a half sandwich by folding the bread in half after spreading honey butter over it and placing a piece of velvetta cheese in the fold. The 4 y/o has to add a piece or two of velvetta to her plate when she sees daddy doing this too. As for the baby, not stick or messy stuff for her yet, and please don't hassle me, about that, I know that she needs to experiment with tastes, but you don't have to wrestle with her to get her cleaned up...maybe someday soon, but not today. As for me, I actually like a little melted butter on mine, and sometimes a sprinkling of granulated sugar...yum!
The treat for everyone, and where the "fighting" ensues is when there happens to be a piece or two left over and they argue as to who will be able to have them to eat the next day. Who knew that so much strife could occur from french toast! Have a great day all!

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