Day 37...

Today will hopefully be a quiet day, for rest, reflection, relaxation...yeah, right! It will hopefully be quieter than usual. Work, school, and preschool for three out of five of us. So, just me and the little one today! All that means is that I have to try and get as much laundry done as possible, study, and not strain my back or hip in the process. At least the baby is finally feeling better after her trip to the Doctor on Monday. That was truly horrible for her, and therefore us too! She likes, eggs, so I am thinking something along those lines. I have been thinking of something though. If I could not obtain eggs, for one reason or another, our daily meals would change drastically. even our non-daily treats would too. Think about it for a minute, how often do we use eggs, and for what...Still intend to only purchase them for the time being. I do not want to deal with chickens. They are not a very nice bird. But eventually, who knows.

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