Day 44...Stressing still!

Another Consultation Dental Visit today, this time as mentioned yesterday, with a Sedative Dentist! The local dentist that I saw yesterday suggested to me that in his opinion, I needed to be sedated even for a cleaning, due to my obvious anxiety level. Very little sleep last night, and not so hungry this morning. But, just because I am not feeling oh so good, doesn't mean that the family has to be there with me, so I will be making them something. When we were in the office, btw I made hubby and the little one come back into the room with me for moral support, there was a TV on the wall, and one mounted in the ceiling, so if I wanted to I could watch, which I did not, but hubby was teasing that I could watch the "Food channel", otherwise know to all else as Food Network, which I normally enjoy, but I said to him, trying to lighten the mood, "I don't think so, that is probably why I am here." Only kidding of course, but next thing I know, Food Network was on the screen. The hygenist had changed it. That was very nice of her to try and help me be more relaxed. Wish us luck! P.S. Hubby is actually on vacation that started yesterday throught the rest of the week, and he ends up helping me, instead of taking naps, reloading guns, target practice, and more naps. I love and appreciate him so much!

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