Day 27 & 28...Another day After!

Day 27...Super Bowl Sunday...I usually don't eat very much food, but can you say...omg! The kids all had Jim's "special again, with him in the morning, which was fine, but then about 2 p.m. I started, what I thought would be "something simple". Sub sandwiches on french bread, different chips, with cheese dip and bean dip, brownies, and soda. Uuurrgh! Leftovers, you ask! Thank goodness, yes! I hurt, and I only had a what one would consider one serving! Well, except for maybe the brownies, but I can't be held responsible for that, can I. It was the Super Bowl.
Day 28...I am so tempted to eat crackers and flat soda today, after the events of yesterday, but the kids deserve better than an excuse that Mommy doesn't feel so good. My 4 y/o's response to that usually is, "then just go lay down Mommy..." Oh, how simple that would be! So, the plan...definitely something more "simple" that yesterday, that is for sure! P.S. I was still remembering the VW commercial, with the little child who that that they were Darth Vadar. Still laughing at the moment when the car started! So, funny!

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