Day 31...A dilemma!

Okay, so here is the dilemma. As of Monday, our little town of about 3,000 people, has a Mickey D's. That is actually a wonderful addition to the town, and will hopefully keep some of the dollars that float towards Twin daily, here instead. It is still new, and so it is constantly busy, but HELLO...two of my three kids are under 5 and need a happy meal! Anyways, I am not really a fan of their breakfast items so no temptations there, but a girl has got to have fries, especially hot ones that will stay warm until we reach the house, two miles away...we shall see!
School tonight for me, and an exam...yikes. So, I still have to prep dinner, and put in the oven for the family to eat, and I had a bright idea to prep breakfast burritos for the morning...we shall see just what gets done. Snuggling with babies, laundry, but most impotant during nap time...study!

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