Last Day of May...

It is still more like April though if you look at the weather. Hubby did a wonderful thing, and got my garden beds ready for me to plant in, but we shall see, I still have to get the plants in, and keep them warm enough with the water tubes that we have so that they get a better chance of producing something. So, we shall see! If things do survive, they will be late at any rate...oh, well, what can I do?
Everyone seemed to enjoy the muffins that I made yesterday, so much so that there were a few ground-in mini chocolate chips in my fairly-recently shampooed carpet...Yes, I did flip out, just a little, and hubby was really good about cleaning the spots for me!
As for today, we are having left overs. As, I still have to bake some loaves of bed that I had hoped to do myself yesterday but was unable to. My body didn't last much past around 11 a.m. I hope that this new pain management trial works and so I can at least get some relief! We are down to two weeks from today for that, but who is counting?
Yesterday, I returned a call to a women from church asking me to assist in taking a meal to a elderly man who is on crutches and alone, so of course I said yes. So, next Wednesday is my day. She did give me a list of food items that he is allergic too, but luckily I do not have most of what he is allergic too here, nor do I cook with them regularly. So, we should be safe. Have you ever taken food to someone you barely know? I always hope that they like what I take, maybe that is the pride that I feel for what I do, whether it be for family, or friends, or a person in need. Is pride a bad thing in this case? Have a great day all!


Summer vacation...Bring it ON!

Okay, well, not so much, but I have so much to get done and finally a teenager, here in the house for more than to sleep, or so I think, that can help me! I have such high hopes, and a knowledge even still that every spare moment she is not at cheer practice, working or hanging out with friends, she will do her best to be sleeping! But still I have the hope that she will not only actually help me, but want to! ha, ha!
As for today...so happy. My garden will finally be cleaned up so that I can begin planting! Hubby said so! Why so late? The weather! It has been truly yuck, and there has been little that I can do about it. Even the garden that my church plants for it's members just got started this past week, so I am not too late in comparison.
I am even going to make Pumpkin Spice Muffins this morning, and hopefully get more bread in the oven later. Feeling a bit domestic on this Memorial Day actually. I hope that my body holds out! Today for me, I will reflect on my Grandfather, Great-Grandfather and Parents who all served in the military, and have hope and faith that those currently serving will know that I, myself and my family are thinking of them and thanking them for their sacrifices!


To Catch Up Would Be Devine!

Yeah right! Which thing do I need to catch up with FIRST? Laundry, Dishes, Hugs, Kisses, Dusting, Gardening, more hugs, more kisses...
When you get behind in something, is it ever possible to truly catch up? I don't think so, because the extra time you spend catching up means that something else is being neglected...who knows for sure?
As for yesterday, speaking of catching up...I made the infamous breakfast sandwiches, with eggs, cheese and bacon. Yum! My teenager even woke up and was half coherent to come out and eat with me and the little girls. Poor hubby missed out, he had to head off to work before they were finished...so sad. Then, my same teenager went back to be until 2 p.m. What is up with that? I let her do that, that once, as she just finished her year of school on Friday, but no more. I figure if the rest of us are up and around she needs to be too! Plus, she should be starting her job this coming week, so she needs to be "awake, alert and alive" for that, don't you think?
As for today, we will be having breakfast for dinner! I love that, I really do! French toast and scrambled eggs with cheese, is what I am thinking...Breakfast anytime, as long as family is together is perfect! Have a wonderful day all!


Love is...Banana Bread...with Chocolate Chips!

Among other things that is!
It is time to make more banana bread and pumpkin bread! I have finally fed my family the rest of our stash. So, it is time to make some more...which I can hopefully get baked and into the freezer, BEFORE anyone smells what I have been up to, otherwise this exercise will be for not.
Last night, hubby, and the little kids and I went for a drive to see, a formation in the Snake River that is called Caldron Linn. It really does look similar to a witch's caldron too. If you look at the river upstream a bit it is very calm and serene, then you walk precariously over a rock filled path, that if you are not careful the whole time you could trip over, you get closer and closer to the river, then there it is! A roaring spot that is really a small area where the entire river goes through, and down a water fall to the rest of the larger canyon. It sure was a sight to see, but very dangerous. No wonder sign at the start of the grade down to the area reads, "HAZARDOUS AREA!" Hubby has lived in Idaho his whole life, and had never seen that before, so it was something we experienced together. I think next time we will go visit Shoshone Falls, the more commercialized visitor spot on the river, with a lot more gaukers, and tourists...but most importantly...handrails and protective fencing! Have a great day all!


Breakfast for Dinner! Yum!

What can I say? Having breakfast food any time other than in the morning, makes it taste so yummy! Am not sure why. Maybe it is the extra time taken to do things correctly, instead of rushing so people can get out the door...who knows.
On tap for today? Garden duty! I am so behind in getting our garden in, because of the wind, rain and constant cold that I am afraid that I will have to scrap the idea of planting from my own seeds and go instead to the greenhouse nearby and buy some plants that are much more ready for planting...that is so sad!
On another note, I have been watching my 4 y/o the last couple of days, since preschool ended, and noticed that while she can somewhat count past #10, and knows her alphabet, she only knows the words, and cannot recognize them. That is truly sad, especially after the amount we paid for her to attend preschool. I have gotten some workbooks, and a disk with school things to work on that I can print off myself, and so we are going to set aside time each day to do "homework". A question might be asked, "Is she ready for Kindergarten?", My answer, "No!, But she will be." As for next year, Pre_K, at the same location, as of now, I will be working with her at home at this point, I don't want to pay $18 per day for 3 days a week, to relearn and possibly be behind still, before Kindergarten begins...


Good and Bad all in One...

Have you ever had one of those days? Where it begins one way and ends in another? Well, today was that for me! I got up this morning, knowing that I was not going to make it to church, because hubby's sister was coming over, so I wanted to be home, and not miss her visit. I decided to make a nice lunch because we had plans for around dinner time, so I made funeral potatoes, just cheese potatoes that people seem to make for a family after a funeral. Anyways, then I put two loaves of bread in the oven, and lemon bars for dessert, which I have never made before. All to go with hot dogs. Something simple right? ha, ha!
Anyways, got everything started and actually on the way to done, when plans got shifted to a little later, which is perfectly fine, food stayed in the oven a bit longer, no big deal. My sister-in-law arrived with her daughter, and we were having a nice visit, sat down to eat, all is well, then I got up to get something, and low and behold...a fairly good sized spider was sitting in the pan of lemon bars.....oh my goodness...I freaked out! You might think that dessert was ruined, right. Not so, I had actually cut the bars and plated a few before this moment, and set them out on the table, thank goodness, and a huge sigh of relief, but how dare that pesky spider rain on my parade! After lunch and a bit more of a visit, they headed off to visit other friends, and then to travel home tomorrow. We wish her safe travels!
Then, after lunch, we put the little kids down for a bit of a rest until we needed to head out for a graduation party in the afternoon. I even laid down, only to be awoken by another pesky thing...a teenager, wanting permission to call a friend...when has she ever asked my permission to call a friend before? I can't remember. At that moment, the littlest one decided that she was going to awaken, and cry out for Mom, So much for my rest.
Later on, we then piled into the vehicle to head out for a graduation party. Which, I will admit, it was nice to see some of them that I haven't seen in a while! Everyone got a piece of cake, of which I finished 1/2 of one that was leftover. Then, the little kids got to play on the swing set and have fun with other, only for our 4 y/o old to come in abruptly and ask when we were going home...it seems that she had had an accident, and was truly embarassed. You see, we were at a strange place, and she didn't know where to go our who to ask...we felt so bad for her, and left soon after.
Now, after an eventful day, I sit here, hunched over the keyboard of my computer, in extreme discomfort and pain, wanting, no needing to go to bed after taking a very large pain pill, but I am wide awake. So, despite being wide awake, I will sign off, take a pain pill, and force myself to lie down, and wait for the meds to kick in and hopefully bring relief, as tomorrow is a new day, and I still have dirty dished to do, plus an extra load of laundry.
Oh, the Joys of Being a MOM!


SInce I have had breakfast for dinner...

Why not have dinner for breakfast...now that is confusing, right?
Actually, I got some really nice looking pizza dought at the grocery store, and want to try it today, so I am debating on making abreakfast pizza with it, cinnamon rolls or scones? I am thinking that they cinnamon rolls are sounding pretty yummy right about now, with a great big glass of cold milk!
Tomorrow will be busy, busy, busy! Sister in law will be coming over in the evening, so, knowing me I will overdo it cleaning in preparation for her visit, friends who own a home decor franchise are having a big sale and so I hope to check things out Saturday A.M. then the cleaning will commense afterwards.
Little girls are up and around so, off I go! Have a great day!


A love hate relationship...mostly the latter, right now...

Not with a person mind you, more and inadamate object. That being my internet, or rather a certain social networking site that I usually play a certain pioneer game on, that has locked me out and will not load. When it happens to load, at least in the recent past, it is so slow, that I get frustrated and refresh, only to be locked out again. Why did Qwest have to go out on their own and go away from their past internet service provider...aaargh!
A lot has happened in the past 24 hours though. First thing, I passed the class that I just finished! A great big sigh of relief that was, and now...onto the next one! Secondly, my 4 y/o just finished up her first year in preschool! She brought home a "book" of her work, showing what she has learned this past school year. She knows her alphabet(if you count singing it so fast that you can only understand the first 5-6 letters, and again 5-6 at the end. We need to work on slowing that down and pronunciation this summer. She can count with conviction to 13, knows several shapes and a lot of colors, and there was even a class picture of the 5 of them together. My baby has decided that she likes to lick things, especially Mommy, instead of giving me a kiss, but she waits until it is too late for me to back up, and so I am expecting a kiss, and instead I get a big slimy lick across my face. Which was cute the first time or two, but now, I almost need a towel. Hopefully this is a phase that will pass quickly!
Thirdly, I have a date set for the trial for the next step in my pain management. I am excited for the possibility. but now. my hubby decided to rain on my parade, and get all concerned and worried. I told him that it is jsut a test to see if I can handle the meds. If not we can go another route, and if so, then we know at least. And lastly, about an hour ago, I woke up my teenager for cheer practice. What is the big deal? Well, she was not able to get up at the sound of her own alarm, and so she downloaded an "app" of some sort, that was suppose to wake her up...yeah, right! She was all "surprised and miffed", then when I was walking out of the room, she laid back down like she was going to go back to sleep, only for me to say that she had better get moving...I think she made it there by five. I only hope that she brushed her teeth!
As for our breakfast experience in the last few days, it has been going well. We have had breakfast sandwiches, homemade toast, and eggs, and the plan for last night's dinner was to be a breakfast casserole, but it ended up being the hubby's "special". I do have to say, when I started making loaves of homemade bread, I was hoping to save some money, but what ended up happening will probably be the opposite, and I am making two loaves of bread every 3-4 days. We were able to get over to the bread store and buy the bread that hubby usually would eat in the past, and all six loaves are untouched, and he told me yesterday, with a sad face that he just finished the last four slices that were in the fridge, so I needed to make some more...with a pout in my direction. I truly am happy that he like food that I prepare, but does he realize what a pain homemade bread is? I know that he does, but if he is happy, I will gladly endure! Have a great morning!


Breafast Sandwiches and a whole lot of Wind!

That was what we experienced yesterday...I made those yummy sandwiches for breakfast with ham and cheese and eggs, and we were all set for going outside then I opened the door and the wind hit us, so no outside time yesterday...As for today, that is the same hope. The trees outside the window are not bent sideways, but it is still early, and a bit cold yet. We can hope and wish! Family will be visiting this weekend and we are looking forward to that! So, lots to do! Have a great Day!


Almost time to make the calls...

Every Saturday, almost like clockwork, I call both of my Grandmother's. The one, I can pretty well count on being there every single Saturday, which is great! She is 91 and she really is a home body of sorts. We talk a lot about different topics of discussion, usually what sparks it is what she has watched on CNN or Fox News. But, we talk a lot about different things. She also like to reminisce. Which is fine. So, we get to talk each week, but I do have to say that my breath catches each week as I wait for her to answer the phone, I know that there will be one day when she doesn't answer, come on, she is 91, but I still don't want that day to be today!
As for my other Grandma, she and Grandpa are a little younger, but not a lot. They are not always there when I call, because they like to get things done on Saturday morning, they love auctions, especially Bernie's, they grocery shop on Saturday mornings, and there is the occasional Senior Trip with their church. But, when we catch up, it usually is geared more around what family members are doing, what their plans are and things like that, which I really enjoy because I live so far away from all of them. They all live on the East coast, and I am here in Idaho...
The reason, I share this is because saturday morning breakfast, are moreoften than not planned around those two phone calls, if I get up late or if breakfast is going to take a bit to prepare, then everyone has to either wait for it, or eat really fast, so that I canget things cleaned up. And no, I do not want them to get indegestion, but sometimes hurrying food along is hard.
So, off I go, call are to commense in half an hour and I still have kids to get dressed, hubby to get off to work, and of course breakfast to make... Have a great day All!


So, my internet was trouble and...

still was able to get things done...amazingly! I got stuff done that I needed to do, other than sit at my desk, and computer, wanting to only play Farmville and Frontierville...Scones today, with honey butter, is there anything better? Almost nothing if you ask the folk in our house! I have an amazing dough recipe, better than I have had made by anyone else, ever! If I do say so myself! Hubby even admits that mine is better, and I know that after almost eight years of marriage, he no longer tries to keep from hurting my feelings!
Tomorrow is going to be fun! teenager is watching the little kids for me so that I can meet a friend from CSI, who lives outside Boise and is visiting her family for the weekend. We are set to meet up for lunch! Looking forward to catching up!


Pumpkin Bread and Physical Therapy...

Got a loaf of pumpkin bread out of the freezer this morning, after all but two of us left...shhhh...don't tell, it will be our little secret. Only kidding, because everyone scattered so early, littlest one and I will save it for them when they get home. PT this morning, but I have to call the PT office and find out what time, I am so bad, and I didn't write it down. Hopefully, I won't be too late.
Plus, got a call from Mom this a.m., and Dad is coming down, and needs me to open up their house down here. That is fine, and the kids will get to see Grandpa today, and don't even know it yet...that will be a great surprise! If he stay for dinner, he will get to enjoy some of that yummy pumpkin bread, and homemade pizza...yum!


I am awake at 3 a.m....is that too early?

Can't sleep, and my mind starts working...I just wanted to let you know that our breakfast for dinner was a big hit, and the family actually saved me some leftovers...that in itself is amazing! Okay, okay, so the fact that I prepared a family favorite of french toast doesn't make it more difficult or anything, but I always want them to like the food I make. Maybe it is just an ego thing for me, but who cares!
Looking forward to later this morning, a friend and I are getting together and then I plan to run a few errands, in Twin. Is it wrong that I am excited? It will be the last time before summer hits that I can do something without the girls, and while I love them all dearly, it is nice to have time with just a friend who happens to be an adult, and not having to worry about car seats, snacks, drink, spills, remembering favorite toys, finding possible lost toys, placating them, when all they want to eat is "chicken and fries", oh, with a toy...yes, another toy...Then, the most important, rushing home at a rapid pace, trying to keep them awake, even though they are crabby, so that they will sleep more than 10 minutes in their own beds once we make it in the house...
Thanks so much for listening, I thing I am going to try and lay back down again, so I can possibly get a little more sleep before my day begins...Night!


The Day Has Arrived...for the final.

So, not excited, more like really, really stressed. I know what to study, from the Professor's point of view, and I think I know what I need to study from my point of view, based on his point of view, but I am a worrier, and always have been! There is just so many hours available before now and then, throw in a couple of kids and a husband, including the teenager that slept through cheer practice this morning, and who will be grumpy and mean as she gets ready for school, and two kids who want to go outside and play with their bikes and on their swing set, but cannot because of the rain last night, and therefore the wind this morning, and you have a possible day of disaster brewing...But, I know what I have to do...beside the normal amount of laundry, dishes that got left in the sink because my families arms appear to all be broken, meals throughout the day, phone calls to answer, emergencies to avert, etc.....STUDY! So, this morning, despite all of those things, I will first and formost, sit down at our "new" slash "old" table and talk to my family as they all get ready for their day, and spend a few moments "getting to know them". Just like I try too every morning! Then the chaos begin!


A Dentist Appointment and No time to Study...

This morning, teenager and 4 y/o had a dentist appointment, teenager had to go first because she had to be to school asap, as she was coming out, she was not smiling, like usual...my teenager with the "perfect teeth" has two cavities...I had to laugh, and so not parental as I was making her follow up appointment...then the 4 y/o went in next, she came out all smiles, with no cavities, showing me her new toothbrush with the princesses on it...Then we had to wait another moment so that both of the little girls could get an ice cream coupon, and a balloon for each of them...
The balloons were a huge hit...too much of a hit if you ask me. The girls fought over them from the moment we got home, then letting them go so that they were impossible for them to reach, crying and whining until I got it for them, over and over again...
I was unable to study until my teenager came home this afternoon, which was good, until about 5 minutes ago, only because I can no longer sit in the chair with only minimal pain. So, again I will begin tomorrow, as much as possible. Final is tomorrow...wish me luck!


Mother's Day Off is a Treat!

Yes, according to my husband and our teenager, I actually got the day off today...I beg to differ, somewhat. I went to church this morning, sans family, so that was peaceful, but teared up during the service a couple of times...When I got home, family had vacuumed and shampooed the living room, dining room and hallway rugs...okay another point for me having a day "off". I went to make myself something to eat for lunch, was told emphatically "NO!" By the same teenager, who made me a grilled ham and cheese sandwich with just enough mustard added but way too many pickles, yuck! Then...
It came time to start prep for dinner....screeching halt, well almost. Hubby did cook steak, on the grill, in his usual way, "slightly" charred, while he was out side, I made a macaroni salad. We had a nice dinner at our "new" dining room table, which is actually over 25 years old, a great hand me down from my parents, that has so many scratches and dings, but has had so many family dinners, that doesn't matter...Then I was told to go and lay down and take a nap, which after all, everyone keeps saying that it is my day off, right...
So, I lock myself in my bedroom, after about 20 minutes, get situated and relaxed...then the screaming starts, and the hitting and the yelling and the slamming doors, and all of the other normal noises that occur daily in my house. I tried to ignore it, maybe drifted off for about 15 minutes, only to be awoken by more yelling and crying...
oh...and a full sink of dirty dishes! Who says that Mother's Day ends before dinner dishes are done? Not me, but I am outruled in my house, 4-1! Happy Mother's Day! As for the family...they may just be buttering their own toast in the morning!


One rotten Apple can ruin...

You know the saying right, one rotten apple can ruin the whole bushel...Well, I found out that a rotten batch of blueberries can too. I was so looking forward to having the kids try my blueberry pancakes this morning, I even made six of them before I tried a piece of one, and I made the sourest, yucky face, and promptly threw them all in the trash, along with the remaining batter. I am not sure if I did something wrong or if the blueberries were just bad, so I am going with the latter. Oh, well we will begin again tomorrow, I guess!
I decided on having breakfast for dinner tomorrow night instead of tonight...bring on the french toast, and honey butter, at least for me, and with Velvetta for hubby and the little kids, with syrup on top for the teenager, what would a person do without condiments? Our lives might end, totally possible, I think!


Lacking, yes, but still really busy!

I have been lacking in posting on our blog! So, sorry about that, but I am as busy as ever! The end of my class was today, excluding the final which is on Tuesday night, so I am going to be really busy, as if I am not already trying to fit in as much study time as possible. As for our breakfast, we have been pretty steady with that. A lot of homemade bread for toast, and sandwiches. I even have been finding time to take the little girls for a "brisk" walk and for our 4 y/o to slide down the many slides at the park afterwards...By "brisk", just to clarify, for me that DOES NOT mean fast...I am a snail when it comes to walking, because I am so afraid that I will fall. Brisk meant COLD! The kid's hands were so red and cold when we got back in the car after out walk of twice around the high school track, which is the absolute limit for me, I am sore afterwards, but can still function though not for long. I have tried more than that, and I ended up lying on the couch in agony, so only twice.
Back to brisk though, the cold, red hands did not bother our 4 y/o, she was in the SUV long enough for me to move it from one side of the park complex and over to where the playground equipment it, and off again she went! She was so happy, waving and smiling at me when she got the the top of the slide, after she slid down the slide and off again she went, waving and smiling the whole time! Boy, I wish that I had her energy and enthusiasm, I would get amazing amounts of house and yardwork done! While her big sister was on the slide, our littlest one was perfectly content drinking her "chocolate" milk and eating pieces of cereal that I remembered to bring, just to tide her over until we got back home...Thankfully, though a bit of a daredevil, she is still content on our smaller swing set and slider here at the house, for a little bit longer!
I hope to feel ambitious this weekend, and even though hubby is going to take time to himself and go on a ATV ride with the club that we now belong to, with the 4 y/o...that should be relaxing, ha, ha! I am going to make french toast for dinner on Saturday night...we like to do that occasionally, and so after they get home we can all eat together, after all that is what matters right, time together with those you love?
Will keep you posted!