Lacking, yes, but still really busy!

I have been lacking in posting on our blog! So, sorry about that, but I am as busy as ever! The end of my class was today, excluding the final which is on Tuesday night, so I am going to be really busy, as if I am not already trying to fit in as much study time as possible. As for our breakfast, we have been pretty steady with that. A lot of homemade bread for toast, and sandwiches. I even have been finding time to take the little girls for a "brisk" walk and for our 4 y/o to slide down the many slides at the park afterwards...By "brisk", just to clarify, for me that DOES NOT mean fast...I am a snail when it comes to walking, because I am so afraid that I will fall. Brisk meant COLD! The kid's hands were so red and cold when we got back in the car after out walk of twice around the high school track, which is the absolute limit for me, I am sore afterwards, but can still function though not for long. I have tried more than that, and I ended up lying on the couch in agony, so only twice.
Back to brisk though, the cold, red hands did not bother our 4 y/o, she was in the SUV long enough for me to move it from one side of the park complex and over to where the playground equipment it, and off again she went! She was so happy, waving and smiling at me when she got the the top of the slide, after she slid down the slide and off again she went, waving and smiling the whole time! Boy, I wish that I had her energy and enthusiasm, I would get amazing amounts of house and yardwork done! While her big sister was on the slide, our littlest one was perfectly content drinking her "chocolate" milk and eating pieces of cereal that I remembered to bring, just to tide her over until we got back home...Thankfully, though a bit of a daredevil, she is still content on our smaller swing set and slider here at the house, for a little bit longer!
I hope to feel ambitious this weekend, and even though hubby is going to take time to himself and go on a ATV ride with the club that we now belong to, with the 4 y/o...that should be relaxing, ha, ha! I am going to make french toast for dinner on Saturday night...we like to do that occasionally, and so after they get home we can all eat together, after all that is what matters right, time together with those you love?
Will keep you posted!

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