Breakfast for Dinner! Yum!

What can I say? Having breakfast food any time other than in the morning, makes it taste so yummy! Am not sure why. Maybe it is the extra time taken to do things correctly, instead of rushing so people can get out the door...who knows.
On tap for today? Garden duty! I am so behind in getting our garden in, because of the wind, rain and constant cold that I am afraid that I will have to scrap the idea of planting from my own seeds and go instead to the greenhouse nearby and buy some plants that are much more ready for planting...that is so sad!
On another note, I have been watching my 4 y/o the last couple of days, since preschool ended, and noticed that while she can somewhat count past #10, and knows her alphabet, she only knows the words, and cannot recognize them. That is truly sad, especially after the amount we paid for her to attend preschool. I have gotten some workbooks, and a disk with school things to work on that I can print off myself, and so we are going to set aside time each day to do "homework". A question might be asked, "Is she ready for Kindergarten?", My answer, "No!, But she will be." As for next year, Pre_K, at the same location, as of now, I will be working with her at home at this point, I don't want to pay $18 per day for 3 days a week, to relearn and possibly be behind still, before Kindergarten begins...

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