Pumpkin Bread and Physical Therapy...

Got a loaf of pumpkin bread out of the freezer this morning, after all but two of us left...shhhh...don't tell, it will be our little secret. Only kidding, because everyone scattered so early, littlest one and I will save it for them when they get home. PT this morning, but I have to call the PT office and find out what time, I am so bad, and I didn't write it down. Hopefully, I won't be too late.
Plus, got a call from Mom this a.m., and Dad is coming down, and needs me to open up their house down here. That is fine, and the kids will get to see Grandpa today, and don't even know it yet...that will be a great surprise! If he stay for dinner, he will get to enjoy some of that yummy pumpkin bread, and homemade pizza...yum!

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