The Day Has Arrived...for the final.

So, not excited, more like really, really stressed. I know what to study, from the Professor's point of view, and I think I know what I need to study from my point of view, based on his point of view, but I am a worrier, and always have been! There is just so many hours available before now and then, throw in a couple of kids and a husband, including the teenager that slept through cheer practice this morning, and who will be grumpy and mean as she gets ready for school, and two kids who want to go outside and play with their bikes and on their swing set, but cannot because of the rain last night, and therefore the wind this morning, and you have a possible day of disaster brewing...But, I know what I have to do...beside the normal amount of laundry, dishes that got left in the sink because my families arms appear to all be broken, meals throughout the day, phone calls to answer, emergencies to avert, etc.....STUDY! So, this morning, despite all of those things, I will first and formost, sit down at our "new" slash "old" table and talk to my family as they all get ready for their day, and spend a few moments "getting to know them". Just like I try too every morning! Then the chaos begin!

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