Love is...Banana Bread...with Chocolate Chips!

Among other things that is!
It is time to make more banana bread and pumpkin bread! I have finally fed my family the rest of our stash. So, it is time to make some more...which I can hopefully get baked and into the freezer, BEFORE anyone smells what I have been up to, otherwise this exercise will be for not.
Last night, hubby, and the little kids and I went for a drive to see, a formation in the Snake River that is called Caldron Linn. It really does look similar to a witch's caldron too. If you look at the river upstream a bit it is very calm and serene, then you walk precariously over a rock filled path, that if you are not careful the whole time you could trip over, you get closer and closer to the river, then there it is! A roaring spot that is really a small area where the entire river goes through, and down a water fall to the rest of the larger canyon. It sure was a sight to see, but very dangerous. No wonder sign at the start of the grade down to the area reads, "HAZARDOUS AREA!" Hubby has lived in Idaho his whole life, and had never seen that before, so it was something we experienced together. I think next time we will go visit Shoshone Falls, the more commercialized visitor spot on the river, with a lot more gaukers, and tourists...but most importantly...handrails and protective fencing! Have a great day all!

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