Almost time to make the calls...

Every Saturday, almost like clockwork, I call both of my Grandmother's. The one, I can pretty well count on being there every single Saturday, which is great! She is 91 and she really is a home body of sorts. We talk a lot about different topics of discussion, usually what sparks it is what she has watched on CNN or Fox News. But, we talk a lot about different things. She also like to reminisce. Which is fine. So, we get to talk each week, but I do have to say that my breath catches each week as I wait for her to answer the phone, I know that there will be one day when she doesn't answer, come on, she is 91, but I still don't want that day to be today!
As for my other Grandma, she and Grandpa are a little younger, but not a lot. They are not always there when I call, because they like to get things done on Saturday morning, they love auctions, especially Bernie's, they grocery shop on Saturday mornings, and there is the occasional Senior Trip with their church. But, when we catch up, it usually is geared more around what family members are doing, what their plans are and things like that, which I really enjoy because I live so far away from all of them. They all live on the East coast, and I am here in Idaho...
The reason, I share this is because saturday morning breakfast, are moreoften than not planned around those two phone calls, if I get up late or if breakfast is going to take a bit to prepare, then everyone has to either wait for it, or eat really fast, so that I canget things cleaned up. And no, I do not want them to get indegestion, but sometimes hurrying food along is hard.
So, off I go, call are to commense in half an hour and I still have kids to get dressed, hubby to get off to work, and of course breakfast to make... Have a great day All!

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