Will be talking to the local store here on Monday!

Nervous and Excited! As I was talking to Tom, the Owner of From Seed to Store, he wanted to have me bring in the jellies that I have made, and mostly he sounded interested in the cookies that I have been making with granola. I am nervous! I have only ever baked for family and friends. We shall see if he likes them, and would like me to provide them for their store. So, I need to package some up really cute, and make some tags for them with the name of the cookie and the ingredients list. That won't take too long, thankfully! Wish me luck! Have a great day all! P.S. Can you believe that in between making cookies today, I burned hash browns? Well, almost, but had to throw them out nonetheless. That stinks! But the cookie smell is amazing in here...come over and smell them for yourselves, we would love to have you!


The Everything Bagel...

Whatever you put on an everything bagel just seems to taste better! I am not sure why, maybe it is just the different tastes and textures that it offers but it sure is yum!
I went to WinCo last night, just so I could get a better look at their bulk food section, and I am amazed. I didn't ever know that they had that much variety and choice for bulk food items. I did get some more granola to make the granola cookies that everyone liked, and I also got some seasonings and pastas that we needed. I am thinking when we need more I will be going back there. The prices were reasonable on a lot of the things that I would be able to get in that section versus paying an arm and a leg for a name brand boxed item on the shelf.
The bad part, I was gone a lot longer than expected and hubby called me at 9 p.m., I was just leaving Twin and he had already put the little kids to bed. Our 4 y/o had not been behaving, and she had been arguing and talking back. I understand that it is the age, but what can you do when it goes too far? But, then our little one was a "totally different person" when her big sister was not in the room. Hugging, and snuggling more than usual, being so much more sweet. But that happens too with her big sister, when they are alone with us, while the other is in another room or taking a nap, their true personality shines...I sure do love them so much!


School Started again this week...

Last week was Spring Break, and it was nice for a bit to have all the girls home with me, but I am happy that school is back. Both for them and for me! We are back to the hectic times in the morning when our teenager can't find something or her hair is giving her problems or when our 4 y/o and 19 month old have to give Daddy 4 hugs and kisses a piece and he is running late and can only give them back 2 or 3. Then there is the waving...we have to wave at Daddy as he gets in his truck from the dining room window, and run and wave at him again from the living room window as he drives by the front of the house on his way to work. I actually am not complaining, those moments are so precious and make me smile both inside and out!
As for me, school is back and so I will be back to the Food Nanny as best I can again! Gotta love the calendar that keeps everyone from asking, "what's for dinner Mom?" Plus, I also use that in the morning, so I don't get question too often in the morning either! Plus, you may have read that I did a lot of baking yesterday, I have to go get more eggs, I am actually running out! I can't wait until it warms up a bit more, then I can just go to any of the numerous neighbor's and buy fresh eggs anytime I need them! The little girls will love that too! But, hopefully not too much, I don't want to have my own chickens right now. Have a great day!


Bread, bread and MORE bread!

Okay, so I want to see what other people think of my baking skills, so I have made 4 loaves of white bread, 2 loaves of herb and cheese bread, 2 loaves of banana bread, and 2 loaves of pumpkin bread. These are all in the freezer to keep them from going bad, then hopefully on Wednesday, I will make some more apple, blueberry granola cookies(the original ones are all gone), and some chocolate sandwich cookies, and maybe even some of the 4 in 1 cookies that are so yummy...I know that I overdid it today, and am so stiff and sore and can hardly move, but if someone else who isn't just trying to be "nice" likes them well, there you go! I am going to have the Owners of the store here in Buhl try the jellies that I have already made, and if the like them, then I can always make more...Love to All, and Have a great Day!


Paula Deen would be Proud...I think.

I am still using the pots and pans I was given for Christmas practically everyday, and pretty much everything is edible and the family likes it, a lot. I am still trying to think about putting some of the family's favorite items in that store here in town. It will be a lot of work for me, with buying, baking, packaging, and I still am unsure if I am up for it, especially if no one buys the items, and I lose money. I am not sure about that, and that is pretty major.
Life takes a turn sometimes, and the Lord shows you a way, but I don't know if it is a way that I want to go for myself, or if he is guiding me in that direction, I guess we shall see. The granola cookies were a hit from yesterday, so unless the kids want something else, that is what we are having again today.
As for tomorrow, hubby and I are going out on a "date", yeah, right. We are actually taking the truck to pick up my parents old dining room table. They got a new emsemble and are letting us have their bigger table, which we need now that we are a family of five, instead of four, and we have put off getting a larger table for too long. The baby wants to sit with everyone else, and it is time. The good part is spending time together, the bad part, I will be so stiff and sore and unable to move by the time we get home, I will be useless. What a great way to spend the last day of Spring Break...Have a great weekend all, you are loved!


Apple & Wild Blueberry Granola Cookies.....

Plus, I went to the store today and picked up the seed starter kit for my garden! Was just going to do the usual tomatoes, cucumbers and possibly cantalopes, but after paying $2.11 for one small, half wilted, and rusted head of iceburg lettuce, I am going to experiment with a lot more produce. Plus, went over to the greenhouse here in town to check out what they had going on. For one small tomato plant, that stands about 2 1/2 inches thus far, they wanted $3.25. That is still an option, if I have to but I am going to try to start my own from seed this year...plus, it was $1.99 for a packet of 20 seeds, you do the math.
Then went to a Made in Idaho type of store where you can purchase local goods, canned and baked items, etc. Got to talking with the Owner, and I might think about making some things to sell there myself...would love some thoughts on that...
The house smells so yummy right now, have more cookies in the oven as we speak, plus for the first time in weeks my large kitchen counter is cleaned off! An amazing sight that is, just ask the kids!
But, now I have to say bye-bye...I have a 4 year old who must have early onset mood swings...aargh! Wish me luck!


Gloomy, depressed, and ready for Spring!

The weather is gloomy, rainy, and they are even forcasting for more snow...can you believe it? The gloomy weather is quite depressing! I am so ready for a big glass of ice cold lemonade, and to be able to sit outside watching the little kids run around and see the pretty flowers, how about you?
I have a question. I know some people who are able to find solice and comfort, and a quiet peace, as they daily live their respective religions, but I am having a slight bit of difficulty with that. I tell myself each night, that I want to be able to read my scriptures the following morning, or during the kids nap, or just anytime. At the beginning of the year, I even promised myself that I would even have my scriptures read in the entirety by the end of the year, even starting out strong. However, it is almost April, and I have not made so much as a dent. I know there are so many reasons, or rather excuses for not doing this, whether it be kids, sickness, laundry, doctor visits, PT, or just being tired from a long day...But I need something!
Yesterday, I even took all three kids with me and we went to pick out flower and vegetable seeds to plant, but wouldn't you know...it rained and the wind blew so we couldn't spend anytime outdoors. Plus, the weather man, using his usual "educated" guess, said that it was going to rain and possibly snow for the rest of the week...so for me, not only will we be stuck inside for another week, but I will probably spend a large amount of that time, curled in a ball trying not to move because of the coldness and the arthritis that I now suffer with.
As for our breakfast endeavors, things are still plugging along, I am planning some fun things for our family for the warmer weather especially, but some hints are banana bread, and outmeal cookies, using granola. A lot different from the cold cereal and plain eggs that would would have had before this little experiment.
My wish for everyone today is that if there is sun where you are, that you are able to get out in it, and turn your face towards it and welcome the day!


So, so late, and so, so sorry!

Have you ever just wanted to begin again...on anything, it doesn't really matter, just start over?
I made those "surprise" muffins that I was oh, so excited about and thought that everyone would just LOVE, but what happened...not so much! The teenager, who absolutely loved them and had to have them all the time as a kid, no longer likes them, our 4 y/o ate until she found the jelly inside, and got all excited for about 10 seconds over her "prize", then flopped out. The baby could care less, and just wanted more to eat, and hubby wasn't too enthused, after all it was just food!

The big hit though, and to me it is no surprise, was the breakfast sandwiches that I made to go with the muffins. The ham steak, cut to size, on a grilled roll with egg and cheese. I made six, I knew that they would get eaten rather quickly, but the surprise was just how quickly...they wanted more, to which my reply was, just have another muffin...grown, sign... The baby and I even had one for breakfast/lunch today with the scraps of ham that were leftover just for that purpose.

Hubby surprised us and came home for lunch, so 4 y/o went back to work with him as he was only 1/2 a mile away working, in a loader. The fun part about that, other than I got a breather from two little ones, and a teenager home all day on Spring Break, was that the two of them drove by in the loader 5-6 times with a load of dirt, and the baby went just nuts, smiling, laughing, and waving, as she knew that that was Daddy...then they drove by the last time in the "monster truck". A semi with a low boy trailer, with the loader on the back, ready to take it back to the shop in Castleford. So, after that I knew that they would be home on time, if not a bit early, so I started making dinner...at the request of the teen, we are having tuna casserole, and also at her request, with lots of cheese.

I hope that everyone had a great weekend, and as it is not Monday, let's look forward to warm weather and sunshine, so that we can get out and enjoy it!


So much to do, and just ate...

So, bright idea that yesterday's triumphant breakfast, would be so again today.....So, NOT! I felt like all I was eating was a ball of grease. Do not recommend this! But, tomorrow is going to be yummy! Surprise Muffins, with pomegranate jelly, and maybe even grape jelly in some too...yummy!
Anyway, the baby was up at barely 6 a.m. this morning, and so now is back down for a nap, for the moment. Which is all well and good, except that is completely throws off my schedule for the rest of the day...I have to actually go to the laundromat this afternoon. You see, our washing machine stopped spinning a week and a half ago, during a load of clothing, so I had to wring out the clothing by hand, which was a real chore because my hand strength is not very good at all, then when I first called the warranty department, got the most rude and condescending person on the planet, who would not assist me, at all. Hung up with her. Called back, thankfully got a really nice, and helpful person, who actually acted like I was not disturbing her day. Made an appointment for a warranty service tech. to come out. Which he did on the big day last week of my dentist appointment. Come to find out, a seal had been slowly leaking water on the motor, and shorted it out...Luckily all covered by the warranty. The extra $30 that the warranty cost, added to the price of the appliance when we bought it was so worth it! But now, we wait. Exactly one week after the service tech looked at the machine, I sit here, still waiting, on a part...no doubt on a slow boat from somewhere...So, for the second time since buying our house, I am off to the laundromat...wish me luck!


St. Patty's Day...and NO Green Eggs!

Thank goodness, I know that they are eggs no matter the color but that is just NOT right! Instead I did sausage patties and cheese on buttered toast. Not exactly healthy, but so yummy! So, I did make patties for St. Patty's...ha ha ha! Even sent my 4 y/o to preschool in a green shirt, and my teenage wore a shirt she made with my Sister in Law in Boise that had green ribbon and green fabric, so they were covered, and hopefully no pinching. As for the hubby, not sure what color shirt he picked to wear, but I can tell you that it is not full on green! But, for many of you who know him, I am not so worried about him being pinched... As for me and the baby, no green, so sorry. We are not planning to leave the house until later so I am not worried about being pinched right at this moment... later maybe, but not right now. Enjoy the holiday, and for those of you who enjoy green beer, do so in moderation, and find a designated driver!


March 15 & 16th...The Green Egg Story.

Have you ever thought that you did something only to find out that you hadn't...well, that is what happened to me. I swear that I had posted what we were up to on Tuesday...I promise! But, come to find out, I did not. Our big event for the week actually is tomorrow...St. Patty's Day? Should I make green eggs and ham? Should I dress the girls in all green, or myself even? Who knows?
About the green eggs and ham, years and years ago I worked for Oriental Trading Company in Omaha. I was part of a new department at the time, and we were really small, five or six people. We celebrated Dr. Suess's birthday by having a lunch potluck. One very sweet and wonderful woman, who was a caterer, and who since has opened a rather successful soul food restaurant in Omaha, brought in the contribution of green eggs and ham, consisting of deviled eggs and the egg yolk mixture was tinted green and some ham. Well, I would not eat it...Not to say that it wasn't good, it is just that to me, the yolks are not suppose to be green! She tried to get me to eat it, telling me to "stop being a baby," in her comical and jovial way...I still remember Pat, and have to tell friends who haven't heard the story, about those green eggs. So, to all, I will probably not be as festive and make green food, but I will reminice about a dear sweet friend, who probably no longer remembers me, and those darn green eggs!


Can you really make canned Corned Beef Taste Good?

The answer is "yes," only you really have to be prepared to Doctor it up! To make it taste less like something out of a can, I cubed a large potato, fried that in butter, with pepper, and when that started to crisp up and brown, I added the canned corned beef hash, cooking everything until the corned beef was crispy. Serving it along side an over easy egg for me, and fried eggs for the little kids. They really liked it. I did too, for the most part, only I am still having trouble chewing still after my dentist appointment. Hopefully eating will get easier! I am still wanting to eat soft items, with no texture, but texture is the fun part of cooking, right? Have a great day all! Test tomorrow night for me, so off to study!


Dental Procedure, and missing food...

You know as for Saturday, the day after my dental appointment, it wasn't so bad, other that I was so hungry for "real" food. Sure, I ate a few bites of scrambled eggs with the family, sans our teenager who was visiting family in Boise, and watched them all eat their eggs with the yummy muffins that I hade made for them Thursday, I was actually okay with that, even eating leftover soup after a little while longer. But, when my dear sweet hubby pulled out his leftover submarine sandwich, I had had enough...So not fair! So, guess what I did, I ate a small piece too, albeit one pinch at at time, and only chewing on the opposite side of my mouth, it took about half an hour to eat the 2 1/2 inch rectangle shaped sandwich, and my tummy was still growling when I was finished but it was so yummy! Plus, after about an hour my jaw was so stiff and sore, I do not recommend doing that again, but at the time I was enjoying the sandwich, it was pure bliss!
Today, is a different story...you know, I am sure we have all heard about "Day Three" for whatever reason, after surgery, be it minor or major, dental or medical, I have always been told that Day Three is the worst..."you ain't kiddin'!" The side of my face is swollen and puffy, and my jaw is even more stiff that it was before, and I can hardly talk...okay, those of you who know me, quiet down! But otherwise things are getting better!
As for today, muffins will be devoured again, and hopefully at the table this time! My little kids love to try and eat anything they possibly can in the living room so that they can watch a favorite TV show, and inevitably leave a massive amount of crumbs in their wake, "for later". Will be meeting my Mom half way between here and Boise after church to pick up our teenager from her fun and adventurous weekend up there...Then when we get back, she gets to pick up her room, again...We put a different desk in our office, and to do so, her room became the overflow, and I do mean overflow...
Have a great day all!


Today is the Day.....

Okay, so this morning is it! My long stressed over day...the Dentist appt. Probably the first in a line of them that will follow. Thank goodness for CareCredit...which is as some might know a line of credit offered so that whatever your insurance doesn't pay for, if you have it, will allow you to still get work done, with a reasonable payment plan...thank goodness for that! Both little girls are off to the daycare center for the morning, and so I had a talk with our 4 y/o about showing her sister around again and being nice to her, and being sweet, which I know that she can be, but I feel better reminding her! You may remember from yesterday, I had planned on having my Mom spend last night here, but plans changed and she and the oldest daughter went back to Boise last night, so there will indeed be leftovers for hubby to feed the girls tonight, they loved the spaghetti and meatballs last night, so that should be good. And, as for the blueberry muffins that I also made yesterday, there still are plenty, so that is what is for breakfast today. The girls will take them in a ziplock baggie to "school". That is what we called first daycare, and now preschool, so that when she does begin school, she will be use to getting ready and going someplace for the day. Wish me luck, and help me give thanks to a wonderful, and kind husband who will sit at the dentist with me, and drive me home because his wife is "wimpy, whimpy, whimpy..."


Anticipation and a lot to get done...

No joke...I have that major dentist appointment in the morning, and so I am so jumpy already...have been trying to get meals for tonight and tomorrow started, as well as breakfast for tomorrow done, I will be unable to eat but I will prepare for everyone else. So, for dinner tonight, spagetti and meatballs, meatballs are cooling now, then there will be leftovers, ideally for everyone to eat tomorrow night also. Breakfast for Friday morning will be blueberry muffins, the from scratch kind, not from a box mix. My Mom will be so proud! Speaking of Mom, she will possibly be spending the night at our place tonight, so she will be getting a home cooked meal from me, even though I will not be here to eat it with everyone. I have class tonight, as it is Thursday, a big night actually, the review will be given for the test next Tuesday, and I want the practice problem, so badly!
As for the plans for the rest of today, clean...I am always worried what others will think, so I go a bit neurotic, just ask the hubby! ha ha ha...Plus, I have to get done anything that I might need done on Friday...aaah, the joy of impending sedative dentistry, there is a strong possibility that I will be rendered useless for all of Friday, after mt appointment, so I am trying to be prepared.
News about my doctor appt. yesterday...the Doctor wants me to try one last round of a different medication and has set up a series of appointments with yet another physical therapist, this one is according to her, the one she sends her more difficult cases too, almost as a last resort. Yes, I can be difficult, but this is a different difficult, physically difficult. That is what I am to expect from adult CP, I suppose. The only thing left after this if it doesn't help is more surgery, so I am hoping that even if it takes more time and patience on my part, that it does work.


Jimmy Dean and a Doctor Visit...

Okay, so first off, I have to share the best way to cook bacon...It come out uniformly crispy and not very greasy when finished...did you know that you can use the oven for this? The oven...I have heard of people doing this, but I had never done it before. For thinner bacon I put the pieces in a row on a cookie sheet, with sides, very important, in an oven at 375 degrees, for about 15-20 minutes, checking more frequently at the end. The all came out crispy, which I the way I prefer them, and strangest of all, the pieces were straight when they finished cooking, not the way I an use to...when in the frying pan they curl up and I have to use about a half a dozen paper towels to absorb the grease. What took me so long to try making bacon in the oven? I do not know...
Secondly, went to the store last night after class to pick up milk, bread, and batteries, which were the wrong size, I realized this after I got home and had opened the package by the way, but anyways...I walked down the frozen food aisle and a sale sticker caught my eye...Jimmy Dean skillet meals. The one I picked out has cubed potatoes, peppers, onion and bacon, so I figured that for $3.49 we could try it. If we like it, I can make it myself without the package, but what is the harm in trying it.
Thirdly, pain management appointment today at the Doctor's office. Our youngest one is coming with me, and so it shall be an exciting appointment, trying to fill out and updating paperwork, talking and answering questions to and from the doctor, all while keeping her hands off things, especially magazines, and stop her from taking off down the hall, I think that the stroller is in order, even though it is bulky and hard to maneuver...wish us luck!


Icy Roads & Hot Cocoa!

Today is as good a day as any to not leave the house, at least until I have to...Class tonight for me, so hopefully the roads will be clear by this evening and it will have warmed up, just a touch...well, more than hopefully! The little girls and I are therefore going to enjoy some sort of chocolate drink this morning though! Hot Cocoa for me, and chocolate milk for them...I don't want them to burn themselves, as I often do, plus they do love chocolate milk...I still sneak in Carnation Instant Breakfast, versus the other type we have in our cupboard, Nesquik, which is good, don't get me wrong...just ask the hubby. But, for the little ones, I prefer the one with more vitamins, etc.
Pain Management appointment tomorrow afternoon, so actually looking forward to that, but on Friday I have that Dentist appointment that I postponed once already, for a good reason, but I need to go. Thank goodness that I will be under IV sedation. The sounds, and smell make me really ill!
But, as for today looking forward to spending some more time with my kids in the warm house, hopefully they won't want to go out and play...it is just too cold.


A lazy Sunday, and busy, Monday...

Don't I wish! Sunday was a bit of fun for the kids. Their bicycles were still pretty cool, and the little ones wanted to go out and play, which was great because the weather actually cooperated. Our littlest girl, started off by wanting to go outside really bad, bringing Daddy her shoes, and asking for her "dote", then when it did get too cold for her, she still wanted to be outside and cried and screamed for about 15 minutes once she was brought back in...how sad! She loved having eggs and toast that daddy made for her, and he said she even ate the entire half a piece of toast that he gave her, but of course needed a "poon" and bowl to eat it.
As for Monday, today, we have been enduring a pretty bad winter "weather advisory" as the news has been referring to it, but I would say that it is a storm. Complete with wind, rain and snow, more wind and frozen rain, and more big fat flakes of snow...At a brief, and I mean brief respite of the storm, or so I thought, I made it out to the mailbox to check the mail, as I was coming back across the street, the freezing rain and wind just happened to pick up again, full force. I needed to try and stretch my hip and legs a bit, but I should have just left the mail, I didn't need it too bad!
One thing about today, I made homemade roast beef hash...not the stuff that comes from a can, with the strong hint of dog food smell either, but the real stuff, using left over roast, and cubed potatoes, cooked in butter until crispy...yum! The family loved it, as did I, but all I wanted after the sojourn out to the mail was enjoy a large cup of hot cocoa...but we didn't have any marshmallows, and since it just isn't the same, I had to forgo the warm chocolatey goodness for another day...bummer!


Breakfast was a rush this morning...

You see, hubby bought the little girls bicycles yesterday afternoon, so all they wanted to do was go outside and play...which is good, really good, except that it is still so cold. I told our 4 y/o that she had to wait until after breakfast to go out. She rushed through eggs and hashbrowns to go outside, and the little one followed right behind her. Poor little one though, she just came inside, with hands that were beet red. I swear I do have some gloves for her to wear, hubby must not have been able to find them. Just try getting her to wait while we find stuff for her when she has got a plan in mind... Will be making those surprise muffins later on, just to make sure they are what I remember them to be...wish me luck!


Yesterday was a do over day, I think... as for today?

Yesterday, I had such plans...bake muffins, as my dear, dear friend was able to locate a recipe for the surprise muffins that I really wanted to make, and I had such hopes of completing homework, and attacking some of the mountain of laundry that needs to be done, but all of that came to a halt when I could not hardly stand upright. I tried, but I ended up spending the day either in the recliner or wrapped in a comforter on the couch, almost in the fetal position. My poor baby, kept wanting to lie with me and snuggle, which I did the best I could, but I was so stiff and sore...
As for today, hubby and I are attending a funeral for a dear friend of his family who died at the age of 89. He had a full life and has so many friends and loved ones, we are expecting that the funeral home and gravesite will be overwelmed with caring people. Then, afterwards, the plan is to pick up the little girls and go look at bicycles for them...can you say, "excited" for Spring, and "suffering from a major case of cabin fever?" My plan is that on Saturday, I will make the surprise muffins for breakfast, and I am so hoping that everyone enjoys them!


Looking for a Muffin Recipe...

Year and years ago...my teenager was about 3...and now she is 17, so yes, years ago, I found a recipe on the back of a flour bag for "surprise" muffins. What made the surprise was jelly inside. I remember her loving those muffins a lot! Yes, a lot! She wanted them all the time! I have been trying to find that recipe, but cannot. I just figure that if she enjoyed them so much, maybe the little girls would too. Can anyone help? That would be great!


So, went to the case lot sale first thing and...

everything is everywhere, there is practically no method to the madness, plus, some of the things that I wanted/needed, the manager of the store could not even locate, even after he looked in the store room...what is up with that? A good thing that happened while I was there though was that I found snack sized chicken and biscuits, which we are having for breakfast, in the oven right now, and some yummy looking hashbrowns with cheese and bacon in the freezer section, that we will have at a later date. Now back to the chicken and biscuits for a moments...I noticed on the front in the corner in small print that I could get a refund on my entire purchase of them if I mailed back the attached form and sent in my receipt, got so excited, went to look a little closer, and the deal expired, YESTERDAY...what?!? How rude! We will see if they are indeed worth the $6.95 cents that I spent for them. Have a great day all!