Paula Deen would be Proud...I think.

I am still using the pots and pans I was given for Christmas practically everyday, and pretty much everything is edible and the family likes it, a lot. I am still trying to think about putting some of the family's favorite items in that store here in town. It will be a lot of work for me, with buying, baking, packaging, and I still am unsure if I am up for it, especially if no one buys the items, and I lose money. I am not sure about that, and that is pretty major.
Life takes a turn sometimes, and the Lord shows you a way, but I don't know if it is a way that I want to go for myself, or if he is guiding me in that direction, I guess we shall see. The granola cookies were a hit from yesterday, so unless the kids want something else, that is what we are having again today.
As for tomorrow, hubby and I are going out on a "date", yeah, right. We are actually taking the truck to pick up my parents old dining room table. They got a new emsemble and are letting us have their bigger table, which we need now that we are a family of five, instead of four, and we have put off getting a larger table for too long. The baby wants to sit with everyone else, and it is time. The good part is spending time together, the bad part, I will be so stiff and sore and unable to move by the time we get home, I will be useless. What a great way to spend the last day of Spring Break...Have a great weekend all, you are loved!

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