Icy Roads & Hot Cocoa!

Today is as good a day as any to not leave the house, at least until I have to...Class tonight for me, so hopefully the roads will be clear by this evening and it will have warmed up, just a touch...well, more than hopefully! The little girls and I are therefore going to enjoy some sort of chocolate drink this morning though! Hot Cocoa for me, and chocolate milk for them...I don't want them to burn themselves, as I often do, plus they do love chocolate milk...I still sneak in Carnation Instant Breakfast, versus the other type we have in our cupboard, Nesquik, which is good, don't get me wrong...just ask the hubby. But, for the little ones, I prefer the one with more vitamins, etc.
Pain Management appointment tomorrow afternoon, so actually looking forward to that, but on Friday I have that Dentist appointment that I postponed once already, for a good reason, but I need to go. Thank goodness that I will be under IV sedation. The sounds, and smell make me really ill!
But, as for today looking forward to spending some more time with my kids in the warm house, hopefully they won't want to go out and play...it is just too cold.

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