Dental Procedure, and missing food...

You know as for Saturday, the day after my dental appointment, it wasn't so bad, other that I was so hungry for "real" food. Sure, I ate a few bites of scrambled eggs with the family, sans our teenager who was visiting family in Boise, and watched them all eat their eggs with the yummy muffins that I hade made for them Thursday, I was actually okay with that, even eating leftover soup after a little while longer. But, when my dear sweet hubby pulled out his leftover submarine sandwich, I had had enough...So not fair! So, guess what I did, I ate a small piece too, albeit one pinch at at time, and only chewing on the opposite side of my mouth, it took about half an hour to eat the 2 1/2 inch rectangle shaped sandwich, and my tummy was still growling when I was finished but it was so yummy! Plus, after about an hour my jaw was so stiff and sore, I do not recommend doing that again, but at the time I was enjoying the sandwich, it was pure bliss!
Today, is a different story...you know, I am sure we have all heard about "Day Three" for whatever reason, after surgery, be it minor or major, dental or medical, I have always been told that Day Three is the worst..."you ain't kiddin'!" The side of my face is swollen and puffy, and my jaw is even more stiff that it was before, and I can hardly talk...okay, those of you who know me, quiet down! But otherwise things are getting better!
As for today, muffins will be devoured again, and hopefully at the table this time! My little kids love to try and eat anything they possibly can in the living room so that they can watch a favorite TV show, and inevitably leave a massive amount of crumbs in their wake, "for later". Will be meeting my Mom half way between here and Boise after church to pick up our teenager from her fun and adventurous weekend up there...Then when we get back, she gets to pick up her room, again...We put a different desk in our office, and to do so, her room became the overflow, and I do mean overflow...
Have a great day all!

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