Will be talking to the local store here on Monday!

Nervous and Excited! As I was talking to Tom, the Owner of From Seed to Store, he wanted to have me bring in the jellies that I have made, and mostly he sounded interested in the cookies that I have been making with granola. I am nervous! I have only ever baked for family and friends. We shall see if he likes them, and would like me to provide them for their store. So, I need to package some up really cute, and make some tags for them with the name of the cookie and the ingredients list. That won't take too long, thankfully! Wish me luck! Have a great day all! P.S. Can you believe that in between making cookies today, I burned hash browns? Well, almost, but had to throw them out nonetheless. That stinks! But the cookie smell is amazing in here...come over and smell them for yourselves, we would love to have you!

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