A lazy Sunday, and busy, Monday...

Don't I wish! Sunday was a bit of fun for the kids. Their bicycles were still pretty cool, and the little ones wanted to go out and play, which was great because the weather actually cooperated. Our littlest girl, started off by wanting to go outside really bad, bringing Daddy her shoes, and asking for her "dote", then when it did get too cold for her, she still wanted to be outside and cried and screamed for about 15 minutes once she was brought back in...how sad! She loved having eggs and toast that daddy made for her, and he said she even ate the entire half a piece of toast that he gave her, but of course needed a "poon" and bowl to eat it.
As for Monday, today, we have been enduring a pretty bad winter "weather advisory" as the news has been referring to it, but I would say that it is a storm. Complete with wind, rain and snow, more wind and frozen rain, and more big fat flakes of snow...At a brief, and I mean brief respite of the storm, or so I thought, I made it out to the mailbox to check the mail, as I was coming back across the street, the freezing rain and wind just happened to pick up again, full force. I needed to try and stretch my hip and legs a bit, but I should have just left the mail, I didn't need it too bad!
One thing about today, I made homemade roast beef hash...not the stuff that comes from a can, with the strong hint of dog food smell either, but the real stuff, using left over roast, and cubed potatoes, cooked in butter until crispy...yum! The family loved it, as did I, but all I wanted after the sojourn out to the mail was enjoy a large cup of hot cocoa...but we didn't have any marshmallows, and since it just isn't the same, I had to forgo the warm chocolatey goodness for another day...bummer!

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