Today is the Day.....

Okay, so this morning is it! My long stressed over day...the Dentist appt. Probably the first in a line of them that will follow. Thank goodness for CareCredit...which is as some might know a line of credit offered so that whatever your insurance doesn't pay for, if you have it, will allow you to still get work done, with a reasonable payment plan...thank goodness for that! Both little girls are off to the daycare center for the morning, and so I had a talk with our 4 y/o about showing her sister around again and being nice to her, and being sweet, which I know that she can be, but I feel better reminding her! You may remember from yesterday, I had planned on having my Mom spend last night here, but plans changed and she and the oldest daughter went back to Boise last night, so there will indeed be leftovers for hubby to feed the girls tonight, they loved the spaghetti and meatballs last night, so that should be good. And, as for the blueberry muffins that I also made yesterday, there still are plenty, so that is what is for breakfast today. The girls will take them in a ziplock baggie to "school". That is what we called first daycare, and now preschool, so that when she does begin school, she will be use to getting ready and going someplace for the day. Wish me luck, and help me give thanks to a wonderful, and kind husband who will sit at the dentist with me, and drive me home because his wife is "wimpy, whimpy, whimpy..."

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