Jimmy Dean and a Doctor Visit...

Okay, so first off, I have to share the best way to cook bacon...It come out uniformly crispy and not very greasy when finished...did you know that you can use the oven for this? The oven...I have heard of people doing this, but I had never done it before. For thinner bacon I put the pieces in a row on a cookie sheet, with sides, very important, in an oven at 375 degrees, for about 15-20 minutes, checking more frequently at the end. The all came out crispy, which I the way I prefer them, and strangest of all, the pieces were straight when they finished cooking, not the way I an use to...when in the frying pan they curl up and I have to use about a half a dozen paper towels to absorb the grease. What took me so long to try making bacon in the oven? I do not know...
Secondly, went to the store last night after class to pick up milk, bread, and batteries, which were the wrong size, I realized this after I got home and had opened the package by the way, but anyways...I walked down the frozen food aisle and a sale sticker caught my eye...Jimmy Dean skillet meals. The one I picked out has cubed potatoes, peppers, onion and bacon, so I figured that for $3.49 we could try it. If we like it, I can make it myself without the package, but what is the harm in trying it.
Thirdly, pain management appointment today at the Doctor's office. Our youngest one is coming with me, and so it shall be an exciting appointment, trying to fill out and updating paperwork, talking and answering questions to and from the doctor, all while keeping her hands off things, especially magazines, and stop her from taking off down the hall, I think that the stroller is in order, even though it is bulky and hard to maneuver...wish us luck!

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