School Started again this week...

Last week was Spring Break, and it was nice for a bit to have all the girls home with me, but I am happy that school is back. Both for them and for me! We are back to the hectic times in the morning when our teenager can't find something or her hair is giving her problems or when our 4 y/o and 19 month old have to give Daddy 4 hugs and kisses a piece and he is running late and can only give them back 2 or 3. Then there is the waving...we have to wave at Daddy as he gets in his truck from the dining room window, and run and wave at him again from the living room window as he drives by the front of the house on his way to work. I actually am not complaining, those moments are so precious and make me smile both inside and out!
As for me, school is back and so I will be back to the Food Nanny as best I can again! Gotta love the calendar that keeps everyone from asking, "what's for dinner Mom?" Plus, I also use that in the morning, so I don't get question too often in the morning either! Plus, you may have read that I did a lot of baking yesterday, I have to go get more eggs, I am actually running out! I can't wait until it warms up a bit more, then I can just go to any of the numerous neighbor's and buy fresh eggs anytime I need them! The little girls will love that too! But, hopefully not too much, I don't want to have my own chickens right now. Have a great day!

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