St. Patty's Day...and NO Green Eggs!

Thank goodness, I know that they are eggs no matter the color but that is just NOT right! Instead I did sausage patties and cheese on buttered toast. Not exactly healthy, but so yummy! So, I did make patties for St. Patty's...ha ha ha! Even sent my 4 y/o to preschool in a green shirt, and my teenage wore a shirt she made with my Sister in Law in Boise that had green ribbon and green fabric, so they were covered, and hopefully no pinching. As for the hubby, not sure what color shirt he picked to wear, but I can tell you that it is not full on green! But, for many of you who know him, I am not so worried about him being pinched... As for me and the baby, no green, so sorry. We are not planning to leave the house until later so I am not worried about being pinched right at this moment... later maybe, but not right now. Enjoy the holiday, and for those of you who enjoy green beer, do so in moderation, and find a designated driver!

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