So, went to the case lot sale first thing and...

everything is everywhere, there is practically no method to the madness, plus, some of the things that I wanted/needed, the manager of the store could not even locate, even after he looked in the store room...what is up with that? A good thing that happened while I was there though was that I found snack sized chicken and biscuits, which we are having for breakfast, in the oven right now, and some yummy looking hashbrowns with cheese and bacon in the freezer section, that we will have at a later date. Now back to the chicken and biscuits for a moments...I noticed on the front in the corner in small print that I could get a refund on my entire purchase of them if I mailed back the attached form and sent in my receipt, got so excited, went to look a little closer, and the deal expired, YESTERDAY...what?!? How rude! We will see if they are indeed worth the $6.95 cents that I spent for them. Have a great day all!

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