The Everything Bagel...

Whatever you put on an everything bagel just seems to taste better! I am not sure why, maybe it is just the different tastes and textures that it offers but it sure is yum!
I went to WinCo last night, just so I could get a better look at their bulk food section, and I am amazed. I didn't ever know that they had that much variety and choice for bulk food items. I did get some more granola to make the granola cookies that everyone liked, and I also got some seasonings and pastas that we needed. I am thinking when we need more I will be going back there. The prices were reasonable on a lot of the things that I would be able to get in that section versus paying an arm and a leg for a name brand boxed item on the shelf.
The bad part, I was gone a lot longer than expected and hubby called me at 9 p.m., I was just leaving Twin and he had already put the little kids to bed. Our 4 y/o had not been behaving, and she had been arguing and talking back. I understand that it is the age, but what can you do when it goes too far? But, then our little one was a "totally different person" when her big sister was not in the room. Hugging, and snuggling more than usual, being so much more sweet. But that happens too with her big sister, when they are alone with us, while the other is in another room or taking a nap, their true personality shines...I sure do love them so much!

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  1. We put whichever boy is misbehaving in the corner, or their room. Sometimes the back talking is enough to drive a parent to drink! Time outs seems to work. I know it's hard when it's bedtime, but when our oldest is on a snit we put him in another room to have some "alone time." Seems to work. By the way, it's me, Soni.