So much to do, and just ate...

So, bright idea that yesterday's triumphant breakfast, would be so again today.....So, NOT! I felt like all I was eating was a ball of grease. Do not recommend this! But, tomorrow is going to be yummy! Surprise Muffins, with pomegranate jelly, and maybe even grape jelly in some too...yummy!
Anyway, the baby was up at barely 6 a.m. this morning, and so now is back down for a nap, for the moment. Which is all well and good, except that is completely throws off my schedule for the rest of the day...I have to actually go to the laundromat this afternoon. You see, our washing machine stopped spinning a week and a half ago, during a load of clothing, so I had to wring out the clothing by hand, which was a real chore because my hand strength is not very good at all, then when I first called the warranty department, got the most rude and condescending person on the planet, who would not assist me, at all. Hung up with her. Called back, thankfully got a really nice, and helpful person, who actually acted like I was not disturbing her day. Made an appointment for a warranty service tech. to come out. Which he did on the big day last week of my dentist appointment. Come to find out, a seal had been slowly leaking water on the motor, and shorted it out...Luckily all covered by the warranty. The extra $30 that the warranty cost, added to the price of the appliance when we bought it was so worth it! But now, we wait. Exactly one week after the service tech looked at the machine, I sit here, still waiting, on a part...no doubt on a slow boat from somewhere...So, for the second time since buying our house, I am off to the laundromat...wish me luck!

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