Gloomy, depressed, and ready for Spring!

The weather is gloomy, rainy, and they are even forcasting for more snow...can you believe it? The gloomy weather is quite depressing! I am so ready for a big glass of ice cold lemonade, and to be able to sit outside watching the little kids run around and see the pretty flowers, how about you?
I have a question. I know some people who are able to find solice and comfort, and a quiet peace, as they daily live their respective religions, but I am having a slight bit of difficulty with that. I tell myself each night, that I want to be able to read my scriptures the following morning, or during the kids nap, or just anytime. At the beginning of the year, I even promised myself that I would even have my scriptures read in the entirety by the end of the year, even starting out strong. However, it is almost April, and I have not made so much as a dent. I know there are so many reasons, or rather excuses for not doing this, whether it be kids, sickness, laundry, doctor visits, PT, or just being tired from a long day...But I need something!
Yesterday, I even took all three kids with me and we went to pick out flower and vegetable seeds to plant, but wouldn't you know...it rained and the wind blew so we couldn't spend anytime outdoors. Plus, the weather man, using his usual "educated" guess, said that it was going to rain and possibly snow for the rest of the week...so for me, not only will we be stuck inside for another week, but I will probably spend a large amount of that time, curled in a ball trying not to move because of the coldness and the arthritis that I now suffer with.
As for our breakfast endeavors, things are still plugging along, I am planning some fun things for our family for the warmer weather especially, but some hints are banana bread, and outmeal cookies, using granola. A lot different from the cold cereal and plain eggs that would would have had before this little experiment.
My wish for everyone today is that if there is sun where you are, that you are able to get out in it, and turn your face towards it and welcome the day!

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