March 15 & 16th...The Green Egg Story.

Have you ever thought that you did something only to find out that you hadn't...well, that is what happened to me. I swear that I had posted what we were up to on Tuesday...I promise! But, come to find out, I did not. Our big event for the week actually is tomorrow...St. Patty's Day? Should I make green eggs and ham? Should I dress the girls in all green, or myself even? Who knows?
About the green eggs and ham, years and years ago I worked for Oriental Trading Company in Omaha. I was part of a new department at the time, and we were really small, five or six people. We celebrated Dr. Suess's birthday by having a lunch potluck. One very sweet and wonderful woman, who was a caterer, and who since has opened a rather successful soul food restaurant in Omaha, brought in the contribution of green eggs and ham, consisting of deviled eggs and the egg yolk mixture was tinted green and some ham. Well, I would not eat it...Not to say that it wasn't good, it is just that to me, the yolks are not suppose to be green! She tried to get me to eat it, telling me to "stop being a baby," in her comical and jovial way...I still remember Pat, and have to tell friends who haven't heard the story, about those green eggs. So, to all, I will probably not be as festive and make green food, but I will reminice about a dear sweet friend, who probably no longer remembers me, and those darn green eggs!

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