So, so late, and so, so sorry!

Have you ever just wanted to begin again...on anything, it doesn't really matter, just start over?
I made those "surprise" muffins that I was oh, so excited about and thought that everyone would just LOVE, but what happened...not so much! The teenager, who absolutely loved them and had to have them all the time as a kid, no longer likes them, our 4 y/o ate until she found the jelly inside, and got all excited for about 10 seconds over her "prize", then flopped out. The baby could care less, and just wanted more to eat, and hubby wasn't too enthused, after all it was just food!

The big hit though, and to me it is no surprise, was the breakfast sandwiches that I made to go with the muffins. The ham steak, cut to size, on a grilled roll with egg and cheese. I made six, I knew that they would get eaten rather quickly, but the surprise was just how quickly...they wanted more, to which my reply was, just have another muffin...grown, sign... The baby and I even had one for breakfast/lunch today with the scraps of ham that were leftover just for that purpose.

Hubby surprised us and came home for lunch, so 4 y/o went back to work with him as he was only 1/2 a mile away working, in a loader. The fun part about that, other than I got a breather from two little ones, and a teenager home all day on Spring Break, was that the two of them drove by in the loader 5-6 times with a load of dirt, and the baby went just nuts, smiling, laughing, and waving, as she knew that that was Daddy...then they drove by the last time in the "monster truck". A semi with a low boy trailer, with the loader on the back, ready to take it back to the shop in Castleford. So, after that I knew that they would be home on time, if not a bit early, so I started making dinner...at the request of the teen, we are having tuna casserole, and also at her request, with lots of cheese.

I hope that everyone had a great weekend, and as it is not Monday, let's look forward to warm weather and sunshine, so that we can get out and enjoy it!

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