Anticipation and a lot to get done...

No joke...I have that major dentist appointment in the morning, and so I am so jumpy already...have been trying to get meals for tonight and tomorrow started, as well as breakfast for tomorrow done, I will be unable to eat but I will prepare for everyone else. So, for dinner tonight, spagetti and meatballs, meatballs are cooling now, then there will be leftovers, ideally for everyone to eat tomorrow night also. Breakfast for Friday morning will be blueberry muffins, the from scratch kind, not from a box mix. My Mom will be so proud! Speaking of Mom, she will possibly be spending the night at our place tonight, so she will be getting a home cooked meal from me, even though I will not be here to eat it with everyone. I have class tonight, as it is Thursday, a big night actually, the review will be given for the test next Tuesday, and I want the practice problem, so badly!
As for the plans for the rest of today, clean...I am always worried what others will think, so I go a bit neurotic, just ask the hubby! ha ha ha...Plus, I have to get done anything that I might need done on Friday...aaah, the joy of impending sedative dentistry, there is a strong possibility that I will be rendered useless for all of Friday, after mt appointment, so I am trying to be prepared.
News about my doctor appt. yesterday...the Doctor wants me to try one last round of a different medication and has set up a series of appointments with yet another physical therapist, this one is according to her, the one she sends her more difficult cases too, almost as a last resort. Yes, I can be difficult, but this is a different difficult, physically difficult. That is what I am to expect from adult CP, I suppose. The only thing left after this if it doesn't help is more surgery, so I am hoping that even if it takes more time and patience on my part, that it does work.

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