According to the Hubby...

According to my dear sweet hubby, "We will win the lottery if we play today..." It took me just a few seconds to remember that it is April 1st, or rather April Fool's Day...ha, ha, ha...ha!
Monday is the day, so I am still making batches of cookies and freezing them, so that they stay fresh. I bought some food bags yesterday before class, and some raffia, to tie them with, and I will be making the labels, and print up my "menu" for the Owners of From Seed to Store, so that they can look at the items I would like to provide to their store. I have decided though that if they are interested in what I have to offer, I am going to make the dough, then bake the cookies off a little at a time, hopefully doing that will be easier on me.
Saturday night is Prom here, and our teenager is going, with a bunch of girlfriends, instead of on a boy/girl date, to our relief, thanks to my Mom and wonderful Sister-in Law, she has a really cute dress, with matching jewelry, and high heels, that match. She and another friend are getting their hair and makeup done by another friend in the morning, then before the dance, a bunch of them, some with dates, some without are all meeting at a local restaurant to have something to eat, then off to the dance. I am even letting her drive my vehicle instead of hers, so she is happy about that. So much so, that this afternoon, after school, she is going to clean and vacuum out the interior and wash the exterior by hand. All without me asking...that is truly a shock for me!
Sunday will be fun for the hubby, there is an ATV ride in King Hill, if the ground is not too wet, and he is thinking of going. I know that if he does, he will have a great time! I want to go too, but if I do, we will need to take the smaller kids and that may be a stress, and hubby only has one day off a week now, so I want him to enjoy himself!
The house smells like applesauce/oatmeal cookies right now, and my tummy is rumbling! But, you should be glad to know that I did not burn breakfast, like I did yesterday. That everything bagel is, after all a thing of beauty, especially with a fried egg, piece of cheese, and a sausage patty on it!

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