Being awoken at 5 a.m. is NOT fun!

The problem is that this will be the norm for the rest of the school year, then it will be a little later in the summer and start again in the fall. Why you ask, because our teenager is now a Cheerleader, and that is when practice is...Yuck! This morning, she woke us up just to tell us she was leaving, then she woke us back up at 6:15 a.m. to tell us that she was home to get ready for school, by then four of the five of us were awake...again, I say...Yuck!
This morning, I decided to take an easier approach than yesterday...We had scrambled eggs, bacon, hash brown along with toast made with homemade bread, but as for today we had turkey and cheese slices on crackers. That is a favorite of the little girls and doesn't take much time when they have it for lunch so I figured that it might work for breakfast too.
The Food Nanny will once again be our friend! I am planning the next two weeks of meals this morning, so I am once again friends with that wonderful calendar!
I do want to share a thought though...Love One Another and Jesus Loves You, Try and do Kindness in All that You Do...Have a Great Day!

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