Another morning, early but with high hopes...

I know, I know it is early, especially for me, but as I said, I have high hopes! I have the usual to get done today, laundry, dishes, get my preschooler off to her first day of class for the week, and also study for my Final in the class I am taking, that is in two weeks...but I really have a good feeling about accomplishing all of that and more today...Optimism is a great thing! "Optimism...Not Just a Good Thing, But Great!"
Anyway, Teenager has made it to Cheer Practice all week this week, and am amazed that we were only startled awake by her activity on that first day...and when she even gets home so she can finish getting ready for school, she is more polite about that...yes!
I saw a blog from a person I know that was listing thing that she was greatful for, I just thought I would share something that I am greatful for with you...I am greatful for my family, which is a given, however I am greatful for not just the good time, but also the trials! Those are the moments that make us stronger as a family and me as a person. I was told once to not just pray for help when you are going through trials and diversities, but when you are praying remember to thank God for those trials...That is Great Advise! Ooops! There I go again with the Optimism. Have a Great Day Everyone!
p.s. Need to make some more bread today, so we will be having warm rolls and homemade jelly for breakfast. Why is it that we appear to consume more bread this way, than when we buy it at the store? Am I really saving any money with doing that?

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