Breakfast Pizza and Marshmallows...yum!

And so, not joking about the marshmallows y'all! Ha, ha...we are having the marshmallows this evening actually. Hubby wants to "make fire", and so we are going to roast hot dogs on the open flame and what goes with them better than burnt sugar? Nothing, if you ask me. But, pretty much everyone else just likes the marshmallows straight out of the bag, what is wrong with them, I ask...
As for the Breakfast Pizza, a very dear friend of mine sent me a recipe for that, and so I will be adapting it for our family, and making that this coming week. As for today though, the kids are set to eat Daddy's Special, you know, the eggs and Velvetta, on toast, open-faced sandwich...they seem to like it, so who am I to judge...
Off to Church I go, in about half an hour...and sometime this afternoon, I am going to go over to my parents house here and dig up raspberry bushes to transplant here at our house. I have their okay on this, and I am actually looking forward to seeing if they do well here. My parents house is closer to the river than we are, and their soil is more like sand than our so we are hoping that the bushes do well.
One thought before I go...The Lord loves you no matter your faults, just don't keep reminding Him or he might say to you, "Enough Already!" Have a Great Day!

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