You would think that I would be out, right?

Well, I am not out...of banana bread that is. I took out banana bread for everyone to eat for breakfast, and first off, I was shocked that there was still some in the freezer, but also, there is still a "nub" off of the end left after everyone else "had their fill" today. That is shocking!
Busy, exhausting and painful day today...Transplanted veggies into bigger pots, did some laundry with the help of my teenager, supervised her mowing the lawn, while watching the little kids play outside, with the occasional shout to stay away from the hot fence of the pasture. Helped roast hotdogs for dinner with roasted, or rather burnt marshmallows for smores for dessert. Now I smell like the campfire, which was fine when we were outside, but now, in the house my hair just stinks!
As for tomorrow, the kids will go outside and pick up plastic eggs that we will be filling after they go to bed. And I will do my best to make sure that they at least eat something other that chocolate and other sugary concoctions first thing...Wish me Luck!

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