This Cheerleading Stuff is Stressful!

Our teenager is a cheerleader, and while that is fine and dandy, her getting up at 4 a.m. is not...I wake up, only to nod back off, then wake back up again, plus the little kids are waking up a different times, and that throws off the schedule for the day...so much so, my 4 y/o old just walked into the office just now and told me "Mom, I had cereal..." Daddy must have given her some before he left for work, but I didn't realize that. That is really okay, because she will be hungry again in an hour anyway, and so we can have a warm breakfast then.
Have you ever been compared to someone you feel is you idol? Well, I was, last night. MY hubby was saying how much he liked dinner, and said to me..."You are the next Paula Deen after all..." To that I of course, said "What?" Then I was quick to add, "No!" But his reply was, "I think so." I guess that is all that matters, that I prepare and feed my family to the best of my ability, and that they like it.
Today, will be a simple morning of pancakes, and for a treat, maybe I will add blueberries to the mix...that sounds really good... I am off to the kitchen! Have a great day!

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