Did I tell you of my last trip to the Grocery...

Oh, my...where do I start?
There are staples that I buy at the store, you know we all have them...milk, bread, cheese slices, eggs, ham slices (for sandwiches), apple juice, you, know staples. At least those are some of the basics here. Anyway, our fav bread is $3.09 a loaf now, the cheese slices have gone from $9.99 for a large package of 72 slices to over $15.00 for the same size of package. The ham slices that I normally buy when they are on sale for about $3.79 for a one pound package, to now $5.29. And I already might have mentioned the Apple Juice, that was $4.29 for a gallon before, which is now $5.99...You cannot squeeze blood from a turnip people... What can we do about this?
One thing that I have done is taken to making bread here at home, and sadly, instead of buying things here at the local store, about 2 miles away, I now stop at the Walmart Store in a bigger town about 20 minutes away after class or after a doctor's appointment, since I am already there. So much for hoping to keep money in the town where I live.
Another thing, my hubby is a farmer, it is truly sad when I cannot go into a store and be able to afford those things that he grows...such as potatoes, corn and the like. That is truly sad.

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