A Quiet Moment...

I need to catch up a bit. My internet connection has had some spotty moments in the last few days, so I figure that I might as well catch a good minute, since I can! We have been trying to spent some time together as a family a lot in the last week, and since we have had snow and wind for 3 days out of the last five and wind the other two, that has been possible! I am getting antsy though! As you may know, I started some vegetables in a seed starter kit that I bought and as I also mentioned, I had sprouts in most of them after 3 days...I now worry, I don't want them to start to get too big before I can either transplant them into bigger pots or actually put them into the ground...Plus, this time last year, the little girls and I were able to walk at the track by the middle school, and get no only exercise, but also some fresh air and sunshine, which we are craving right now.
This past week has been busy for me. I had my first of many physical therapy appointments, we are now going to try a different approach to my pain. We, and I mostly mean the Physical therapist with bits of assistance from me, are going to try and realign my hip position, so that I can try to put a more equal weight on both of my legs. The two exercises that he gave made the back of my hamstrings so sore, but that was good. Then on Friday, I had another dental appointment, just for a cleaning and to fit my crown, but I was still sedated. The funny part was, you know with sedation you cannot eat or drink after midnight the night before, so I was really hungry, my stomach was growling and everything, and we were going to be really early to my appointment, so I asked my dear hubby if he wanted something to eat before we got there. We stopped at the drive-thru of a fast food place and got him a sausage, egg and cheese sandwich meal, with a large orange juice, to which they "forgot" the hashbrown, how rude. As he ate his breakfast in the parking lot of the dentist office, all I could think about was how good the sausage patty smelled...my tummy started growling all over again! Aaargh!
We are still enjoying the granola cookies that I have made and put in the freezer. The general consensus seems to be that the applesauce oatmeal with the butterscotch chips are the best...but I have said that before I make more of those, the others need to be eaten first!
Since it is Sunday, I would like to share a thought...Don't forget to thank the Lord for the trials as well as the blessings in your life, they are both put there for a reason! Have a great day!

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