Sausage gravy, toast and After Prom Info...

I made the sausage gravy and instead of making biscuits, I made toast. Everyone at all that was put on their plate, so it couldn't have been half bad. Our teenager was grumbling about having to get up to eat, but she did anyways. She gave us the 411 on her night. She picked up her friend, they met up with 4 other people, had dinner, talked...made it to the high school by 7:30 when the "grand march" happened, for the parents to see all of them, and I guess there were a lot of parents, too. She stayed until midnight, when the dance got over, wearing her heels the whole time...what is up with that, I took mine off right after pictures, when I went. After the dance, she waited for the parking lot to clear out a bit, which was very responsible of her, since she had my vehicle, then dropped her friend off, they talked for a bit, then she was home by about 1 a.m. Not too bad, I got home about 4 a.m., but don't tell her that, okay. Did I say before that I was glad that she was going with a group of friends instead of on a one-to-one date...still am! Right after breakfast was cleaned up, teenager, hubby and little girl all went to bed, 4 y/o is playing with the play horse that Daddy brought home for her yesterday, and I am thinking about a nap too...have a great day all!

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